What keeps entrepreneurs going?

Since 10 in the morning, calls with clients and team members continued almost nonstop.

I wanted to leave office before 8 so that I could spend some time with family, have dinner and get ready for another call at 10pm.

But there I was. Seating in office, talking with colleagues, preparing updates for clients at 8:45pm.

Hell tired and highly frustrated!!!

Finally, I wrapped up the call, rushed home, had dinner and got on the call again at 10pm.

After the call, it was time to relax a bit.

So, started reading the book and while reading, received this wonderful email!

Not only it made me smile but it made me forget all the frustrations I felt while putting extra time and long hours recently!

That’s what entrepreneurship is.

You toil and get rewarded multifold.

I get “What keeps you inspired to work relentlessly?” question every now and then.

Well, here is one of the reasons. Such feedback from my team keeps me motivated!

It’s no less than prestigious award for me.

Thank you very much Abhishek for your kind words. You have been a great asset of Pragnakalp Techlabs since you joined. Together we have to achieve a lot more in future!

4 Replies to “What keeps entrepreneurs going?”

  1. Hello, my sweet Bro.
    U r my one of the best brother in the world. I want to khow everyone that, my brother is very hardworking, loving & caring brother. He always help me and guide me for every matter and any problems in my life. He support me for everything. He also cheers my both kids for their education and any activities. I m very glad to read Abhiskek’s post for u and ur team. U absolutly deserv for it. I heartly hope that ur pragnakalp get more and more success in future. Wish u all the best for complete 3 years of pragnakalp, in advance. Swamiji gives u more & more opportunity, happiness & health in ur life. Good luck.

    1. Thank you very much dear sis!
      Your support, help and prayers are the reasons of the success I have achieved till now. Very much grateful to you!

  2. Keep it up Mittal!! Your are inspiration to many of us 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Nirali! Your words are really encouraging!

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