What keeps entrepreneurs going? Part – 2

If someone will ask me, what type of work culture have you created at your company? I would show them this farewell email from Seema Patel who worked with us for 2.5 years and now joining an esteemed organization IIT Bombay as a Research Associate.

It makes me very happy and proud to receive such an email. Emails like this from my team members keeps me motivated to work hard and keep improving every day.

At Pragnakalp Techlabs, we like to work hard for any project that we are doing and learn as many things as possible. That is how we have served dozens of happy clients all around the world and created some interesting in-house products. There is no other alternative than to learn and adapt new advancements as we are working on latest technologies. I have been lucky to find people who are hard working, go-getter, ready to take on any task as a challenge and learn anything that is required to make the project success.

We have just got started and looking forward to achieve many milestones in AI and NLP field in coming years.

If you would like to surround yourself with hard working, motivated and enthusiastic individuals then do reach out to me at career@pragnakalp.com. We are hiring Python developers (Chatbot Development and NLP).

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