Welcome 2017!

2016 was awesome! Progressed a lot, achieved many things, fulfilled many resolutions, started new projects, visited foreign land, had enough small trips, spent good time with family, grew as a person, became wiser as a businessman, read a tons of articles, learnt numerous new things and much more.

Few remarkable goals achieved are:

  • Donated blood twice
  • Started 'Safari' magazine subscription for 2 schools
  • Visited mesmerizing Mauritius
  • Done scuba diving for the very first time
  • Visited Jaisalmer and Jodhpur
  • Started regular morning walks in the end of the year
  • Went for swimming (jumped off 10ft height)
  • Started using diary for reminders and daily notes
  • Started research on renewable energy resources and implementation
  • Learnt basics of android app development
  • Enjoyed socialization
  • Learnt to lessen stage fear
  • Joined garba classes and learnt some dodhiya steps (long pending)
  • Started paying bills on time
  • Got a new car
  • Shifted to new office

So, overall it was a great year but I have also failed in few things. Especially I have miserably missed my goals of writing blogs. In the beginning of 2016 I had a resolution that I will write a blog every week. But couldn't do that.

Few things which were missed are:

  • Write a blog every week
  • Couldn't work on meetautoexperts.com
  • Didn't learn tennis or skating
  • Posting more videos on YouTube
  • Couldn’t get rid of laziness and procrastination fully
  • Missed a chance of sky diving in Mauritius (due to bad weather)

Starting with 2017, I have put up some more goals and set some new targets. In this year the main thing I have decided is to take on my laziness and realise all the new goals I have set. Let's see how 2017 turns out!

Do share in comment about how your 2016 was and what you have planned for 2017. Disclosing your commitments is a first step to make yourself accountable for achieving it. :-)

Wish you all have a great 2017 filled with lots of joy, happiness, health, wealth, progress, prosperity and all the achievements you have dreamt of!

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