Visit to Hathni Mata Waterfall

Last Sunday we visited Hathni Mata Waterfall. It is situated near Jambughoda Sanctuary and Pavagadh, around 75 KMs from Vadodara and 175 KMs from Ahmedabad. Going from Pavagadh, both the roads to reach there, from Shivrajpur and Jambughoda, are very narrow so you can stuck up in traffic jams on weekends when there are many visitors. Though you can enjoy the lush green surroundings on both the sides of roads which makes the drive very enjoyable. On reaching there we found that the place isn't properly developed yet. Local villagers have put up small stalls of refreshments but there is no restaurant around so for food you have to carry it yourself. Getting parking space isn't a problem as paid parking, created in the farms by locals, is available.

We decided to go there in the morning time to avoid the traffic and crowd as I was warned that it gets very crowded in the evening and I think our decision was quite right as when we left the place at around 2pm, it was getting crowded with heavy inflow of visitors. I am sure by the evening the place would get overcrowded. The day we went there, there wasn't much water so falls were bit dried up but still it looked good. So many people were bathing under the fall making it like a water park. There is a pool like area on the hill so if you don't want to bath under falls then you can enjoy there as it's peaceful and might be lesser crowded. One can also enjoy trekking in the mountains but need to be careful as there are no safety provisions.

Overall, it's a good place for one day family picnic or adventurous trekking trip and waterfall bath with friends in monsoon season. Just to be careful as it can get over-crowded on holidays! I think government authorities can make this place more happening tourist place by developing it properly.


can you tell me the water fall is active now ?

I don't think the water fall would be active now as there is no rain since many days. Mid-monsoon would be the best season to visit the place.

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