Visit at BMW Experience Tour 2014 - Ahmedabad

Two days back, I got an email from IndiBlogger inviting to join the BMW Experience Tour 2014 at Ahmedabad. It got me intrigued and I thought to register to be a part of the event. So, I signed up at IndiBlogger Site and I was informed that I will get a confirmation call on my mobile. Next day I got a call from Karthik and he confirmed my entry. I was excited to see some old photos of the same event in other city (Photo Gallery) and was waiting to experience it on my own.

The day came and I reached at AES Ground, behind doordarshan tower, Ahmedabad at sharp 3:00pm. There were many different models of BMW cars lined up at the venue. I registered myself at the desk and got a lanyard to test drive SUV. After few minutes, briefing started by Mr. Wong and he provided information about the dynamic drive, all-wheel drive, Dynamic Stability Control, Hill Descent Control and other specialty of BMW cars. He also gave overview of the 2 special tracks created for Sedan and SUV.

After the brief we were separated in two groups and I joined SUV group. I got into BMW X3 with another participant and he chose to drive first. The track for SUV had hill driving, zig zag cut and other hurdles created to add some excitement and showcase the power of all-wheel drive. After the fellow driver completed one round I got on the driving seat and I had to start with the hill driving. It made me bit nervous as I was driving automatic car for the very first time and it really had unbelievable power. But after I went through hill drive it seemed very easy to drive. Going through other hurdles was a real fun then. At times car was on 3 wheels or tilted on one side like an adventure ride giving a real thrill and while you are on driving seat it just takes your breath away. It was an awesome experience driving on that track.

After finishing the SUV drive, I got a chance to drive BMW 1 Series sedan. For sedan the track was created for racing. They gave us 2 test round and then a final round. This was the best part of driving experience. It was like playing a video game in computer. The track was dusty and muddy all the way with lots of turns. I wish I knew how to drift the car to keep the car in balance but nonetheless it was hell exciting. I finished the final round in 50.74 seconds, not bad!

That was an end to a fantastic experience I had in my life. It was truly wonderful to get my hands on BMW X3 and 1 series car. Also, being a blogger, I was provided with a BMW media kit bag containing a brochure, diary, pen and pen-drive with event photos. I am really thankful to IndiBlogger for providing information about BMW Experience Tour 2014 and to BMW India for organizing such an excellent event.

Checkout photos of the event on my Google+ Album.
You can check the videos of the event on my YouTube channel.

The experience tour will be there till 13th April. So interested people please go to and register yourself.

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