Use filters in Gmail to organize your mails

GmailIf you are an avid user of Gmail then you must have come across the question : How to create folders in gmail? I have heard many asking the same question and to all of their disappointment, there isn’t folder creation in Gmail. Gmail says it prefers Labels over Folders to organize your mails and notes some specific advantages of Labels too. Read here. I have seen people struggling to figure out how they can leverage maximum benefits using Labels to keep their inbox neat and clean.

Most of the people struggle with using Labels because it is new and even if you add Label to any mail, unlike moving to Folder, the mail will be in Inbox only with Label prefixed to it. Users think what is the benefit of using Labels if the mail remains in Inbox forever. The solution is you should Label the mail and then archive it. So it will be removed from you inbox and to check that mail either you can go to All Mails or simply go to Label you have added to that mail.

Another nice trick I found today to keep gmail inbox clean and organizing all the mails charmingly is to use Filters. Go to Settings and click on Filters tab to access filter settings. Now, click on Add new filter. There are various criteria you can filter your mails based on. ( I use From.) Give e-mail id of the sender you want to create filter for and click Next Step. On the next page, check Skip the inbox and also check Apply the label ( Select a label from drop down box or create a new one). Near to Create Filter button there would be a check box with message “ Also apply filter to *** conversations below”. Check this box if you want all the mails from that sender to be replaced from inbox to label. Finally, click on Create Filter and you are done.

What this Filter do exactly is : the checkbox of “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)” will directly archive the message as soon as it arrives so the mail will not be displayed in inbox keeping your inbox clean. You can check your mails by clicking on the Label names you have created. Label names will show how many unread mails are there under that Label. The check box of “Also apply filter to *** conversations below.” will move all your old e-mails of that sender from inbox to applied Label.

Today I taught this to few employees of Benchmark HR Solutions, where I serve as a web developer and consultant, and they are pleased to use it. Hope you will also like it.

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Finally! Been looking at how to do this for ages. Thanks very much.

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Glad to know it helped you Loz...

The write up is very informative, thanks.

Good information about Gmail everyone can use filters in their Gmail account....

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