Register on app store without credit card

iPhone 3gs, 16GB

Last week I got a new iPhone 3GS, 16GB and was so excited to install all the applications and games I keep reading all about surfing the net. So I tried to connect app store and download applications but I was required to login with my apple id. So simple I thought, I tried to create an id but it asked for Credit Card and I really didn't want to give my credit card information so had to step back. I heard one of my friends was also trying to register but wasn't successful. So I Googled a bit and found out very easy way to register without providing CC information.

To do it just follow the steps below:

Open iTunes and go to App Store and select any of the Free apps displayed on right side. You MUST select Free app from here.

Use filters in Gmail to organize your mails

GmailIf you are an avid user of Gmail then you must have come across the question : How to create folders in gmail? I have heard many asking the same question and to all of their disappointment, there isn’t folder creation in Gmail. Gmail says it prefers Labels over Folders to organize your mails and notes some specific advantages of Labels too.