Speech at Vadodara Startup Festival 3.0 by Parul University

Last week, I had the privilege of sharing my entrepreneurial journey with the students at Vadodara Startup Festival 3.0 organized by Parul University. It was a great opportunity to reflect on the challenges and successes of starting and growing Pragnakalp Techlabs from scratch with minimal investment, and to share some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

The key points I discussed were:
– How the seeds of entrepreneurship were sown in my mind
– Finding our first team member
– Acquiring our first customer
– Phases of our progress
– Lessons for students
– – Start early from college days
– – Build something
– – Launch it
– – Be ready to be a team when you don’t have a team
– – Lead by example
– – Need commitment of 24×7
– – Surrounding yourself with the right people

I was really impressed by the engagement and enthusiasm of the students who attended, and I hope that my experiences will inspire them to pursue their own entrepreneurial endeavors. A big thanks to the organizers at Parul University and Hutesh Baviskar for inviting me, Haresh Devjani for your wonderful hospitality and to all the students who came out to learn from my experiences.

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