SMSTorta – Birthday Reminder on SMS

  • Do you often forget wishing your friends on their birthday?
  • Do you always want to be the first one to wish your friends on their birthday?
  • Do you wish anyone would remind you of your friends birthday when you want to wish them?

If answer of any of above questions is YES then I am sure you are going to love our application SMSTorta which sends SMS alerts on your mobile reminding you of your friends' birthday everyday at 12:00. You even don't need need to add your friends' birthday. Just add this application in your facebook and it will take your friends' birthday from your profile itself.

Using this application is very easy you just need to grant access to the app and provide your mobile number on which you want to receive the alerts. Once you are subscribed we send daily alerts on your mobile at 12:00 with names of your friends who has birthday on that day.

On SMSTorta you can not only subscribe through our facebook application but also add birthdays by sending SMS on +918239797978. You just need to send SMS as "ADD dd/mm friend_name" to +918239797978 and your reminder will be set.

I hope you will like our application. We would love to have your feedback to make this application better.

Developed by : Mittal Patel and Sidhharth Jain

For advertisement and partnership inquiries please email at

Update: We had to shut down this application as TRAI has changed their regulations and Facebook is asking for Secure connection (HTTPS) to host the application. If anyone is interested to fund/promote this application then do contact me. We can re-launch it!

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