Relishing achievement of small milestones!

This week started with some strong motivation. As visitors of Pragnakalp website were increasing, I kept checking Alexa rank of the site regularly to feel energized and cheerful :) . On Monday morning, when I checked the rank, it was under 150 thousands for the very first time, which made me really very happy!!! It felt like, all the hard work put into creating tutorials, case studies, demos and blog posts have paid off.

Within just few months and with few articles, the site is already getting popular as a good resource for Chatbot Development.

Though, as always, I am not so satisfied with the efforts that I am putting in as there is still big room for improvements. And the first thing I would like to change is regularity in blog posting. Even though more than half a dozen blogs are ready to be published, due to busy schedule, I couldn't post them yet. Registering a new company, setting up office, building team and handling projects kept me overly occupied!

While enjoying this achievement of reaching under 150 thousand rank, it is motivating me enough to achieve my target of getting under 100 thousand alexa rank in India as soon as possible. Now, I am determined to start posting the blogs again and achieve another milestone soon.

If you want to learn chatbot development, then you can find some very good tutorials on Pragnakalp Techlabs Blog. Do let me know if you would like me to post blogs on specific topic in chatbots development. I will try to cover it.

Also, I am planning to start posting Entrepreneurship series blogs on where I would be sharing my experiences of being an entrepreneur and tips for budding entrepreneurs. Stay tuned!

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