Open .docx file without installing Office 2007

Today, I received a mail regarding requirements specifications of website. The mail had an attachment of file containing all the details. To my misfortune, the file was in .DOCX format and I had no Office 2007 in my laptop. I tried to open it using Office 2003 but failed. Not only I tried to mail it to my gmail so that I can view it online but Google didn't fulfill my wish as it isn't supporting .DOCX files yet. It was quite important for me to read the file and reply back soon so I had no other option than to search for the solution on net.

Well, I didn't need to spend much time, I found out soon that we can open the .docx, .xlsx or .pptx file without installing Office 2007 and believe me its very easy. To do so, you just need to download Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats. Simply execute the exe file, install it and you will be able to open the .docx,.xlsx or .pptx file with your regular Office 2003. Once you open the file just save it as .doc, .xls or .ppt extension and it will be compatible to Office 2003.

Hhhmmm, I am done with converting the file and replying back the mail so thought to share with the poor guys who might end up with the same situation as I did.

Special Note : While searching about the .docx to .doc conversion, somewhere I read that .docx is blend of many XML containing information about the document file and you can get the XML files unzipping the document. To unzip .docx file, simply change its extension to .zip and unzip it. You will get many XML files in different folders. What I got was : 3 folders and one file. Folders named _rels, docProps and word. File named [Content_Types].xml . While observing XML files in word folders, I could see that document.xml has all the content of the .docx document :). (Didn't care much to find out what others file contained ;) )


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