Is Multitasking Important?

I was very proud of myself that I could handle many communications at a time and I could do many things like reading blog, chatting with friends, chatting with multiple clients, replying to emails, updating twitter, checking FB, preparing project estimations, talking on phone, etc. (few of them at a time).

The handling is easy, I keep switching the tabs/windows of the browsers, documents and chat windows and like a processor give all the tasks a little time and then switch to another one. I really enjoyed this and I thought I was being very productive working this way as I could handle different tasks at a time.

But the problem started when I realized that meanwhile juggling into tasks I was loosing focus. After a while I wasn't able to concentrate on one thing for more than few minutes. Even if I was doing only one thing at a time I started looking elsewhere and tried to switch my focus to something else. So I am sure my concentration level is decreased. Because of this, I saw that I was loosing grip on coding because while coding I had to concentrate on one page sometimes for more than an hour. Similarly other work was also affected to some level.

While some people really enjoy multitasking and counts benefit of it, some studies and articles clearly mention that multitasking could affect the performance of the worker and decrease over all output.

As per my personal experience at some points multitasking is inevitable but it's better avoided when not really needed. Your views are invited. Please comment :-)

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