Instead of writing-Sunday it turned reading-Sunday

This meme holds true for many and sometimes for me too but it's not a regular thing for me because my weekends are mostly planned well in advanced and I try to follow the plan as much as possible. Getting 100% success in plan execution is not guaranteed, after all I am also a normal human being, but at least I try and try to avoid this stinging regret at the end of Sunday/weekend.

Setting up new office, routine office work, unavoidable socialization, family responsibilities and other such things kept me too busy for past few months that all the weekends were tied up with pre-planned work. So, this weekend was a bit special one as I didn't have a To Do list for the weekend after such a long time and I thought to keep it like that to spend weekend in leisure time. But that's bit difficult, you see!

Is Multitasking Important?

I was very proud of myself that I could handle many communications at a time and I could do many things like reading blog, chatting with friends, chatting with multiple clients, replying to emails, updating twitter, checking FB, preparing project estimations, talking on phone, etc. (few of them at a time).

The handling is easy, I keep switching the tabs/windows of the browsers, documents and chat windows and like a processor give all the tasks a little time and then switch to another one. I really enjoyed this and I thought I was being very productive working this way as I could handle different tasks at a time.