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How to get old facebook chat

Last month facebook rolled out many new features to enhance the communication between users and indeed the video chat and the other features are great but I am seeing that people are complaining a lot about new facebook chat bar. The main reason is that we can’t view all the online users in the chat bar. Rather it displays some friends randomly and it would be impossible to view all the users as there is no scrollbar and our computer screen height is limited :-). I have seen some friends getting frustrated at this and so I was looking for some solution which can resolve this problem and found out one. Below I am describing how to get old facebook chat in Google Chrome and Firefox. This is a third party script so you will be able to install it on chrome and firefox only.

Access mysql database hosted on remote server using phpMyAdmin

Last week, for one of my projects, I had to access a database which was hosted on remote server and there was no phpMyAdmin installed on that server. As I am an avid user of phpMyAdmin and quite familiar with it, I wanted to access the remote database server using phpMyAdmin only. I knew that phpMyAdmin does give a facility to access database on remote server and it was just a matter of configuration to make it work. When we access http://localhost/phpmyadmin it connects to the local mysql server by default.

To make it connect to other servers you can follow the following steps:

Use filters in Gmail to organize your mails

GmailIf you are an avid user of Gmail then you must have come across the question : How to create folders in gmail? I have heard many asking the same question and to all of their disappointment, there isn’t folder creation in Gmail. Gmail says it prefers Labels over Folders to organize your mails and notes some specific advantages of Labels too.