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A big thanks to all my connections!!!

Since past few months, I cut down spending time on Facebook+WhatsApp and instead started being more active on LinkedIn. As I was starting a new company - Pragnakalp Techlabs - I knew that I will need very good programmers. Ahmedabad doesn't have very active ecosystem of AI, ML and Python developers yet, so I started connecting with college students and developers involved in AI/ML/Python.

Relishing achievement of small milestones!

This week started with some strong motivation. As visitors of Pragnakalp website were increasing, I kept checking Alexa rank of the site regularly to feel energized and cheerful :) . On Monday morning, when I checked the rank, it was under 150 thousands for the very first time, which made me really very happy!!! It felt like, all the hard work put into creating tutorials, case studies, demos and blog posts have paid off.

Within just few months and with few articles, the site is already getting popular as a good resource for Chatbot Development.

Project Evaluation & Expert Lecture at GEC, Dahod

There I was, on the stage, facing podium, standing in front of 100+ students, feeling nervous, preparing myself from within, about to start my speech, hoping to rock it in my very first try! One hour later, I was damn happy. Happy that I could deliver speech for 45 minutes and answer questions of the students for another 15+ minutes. This day would be in my memory for long!

2 weeks back my friend Viren Patel, who happens to be the HoD of Computer Department at Government Engineering College, Dahod, called me up and informed me about this new initiative of Project Fair by GTU.

Hurdles to expect & Tips to succeed while getting started on UpWork

UpWork (formerly oDesk) is a good place to start with and we have built a thriving business around it (TriCore InfoTech Pvt Ltd oDesk Profile - 43,000+ hours of work done with 98% job success). There are plenty of jobs being posted regularly on UpWork and being a freelancer/agency, you could find many jobs to apply that match your skillsets. Though, it wouldn't be an easy path to flourish unless you are committed to work dedicatedly and do not give up after initial failures. Like many other freelancer website or other sources to grab projects, UpWork has also its pros and cons.

Hurdles you should expect while getting started on UpWork:

Do you think being an employee is tough? Try entrepreneurship!

So, you are an employee? Lucky u!

Some employees envy their employers and cry that they are having a very bad life as an employee. They think that they are working and employers are making money. But do they ever think if they were employer then what would they be going through? I don't think so.

What some people don’t understand is, as an employee one doesn't have to care about many things in day-to-day life. Being an employer/entrepreneur for last 4+ years, here is what I feel employees don't have to worry about.