Instead of writing-Sunday it turned reading-Sunday

This meme holds true for many and sometimes for me too but it's not a regular thing for me because my weekends are mostly planned well in advanced and I try to follow the plan as much as possible. Getting 100% success in plan execution is not guaranteed, after all I am also a normal human being, but at least I try and try to avoid this stinging regret at the end of Sunday/weekend.

Setting up new office, routine office work, unavoidable socialization, family responsibilities and other such things kept me too busy for past few months that all the weekends were tied up with pre-planned work. So, this weekend was a bit special one as I didn't have a To Do list for the weekend after such a long time and I thought to keep it like that to spend weekend in leisure time. But that's bit difficult, you see!

As per my regular habit, on Friday, I started thinking what I can do this Sunday and came up with plans:
Plan A: Find an interesting place in radius of 100KMs around Ahmedabad and visit it. Also, enjoy photography as I couldn't do it much recently.
Plan B: Couple of blogs were prepared already but haven't been posted on site as they needed some improvement and final refinement. Improve them, refine them and post!

To execute Plan A, with some free time on Saturday, I did search for nearby places, made a small list and did some preparation. I thought the plan might work out but well, as we all know, plans are prone to fail! Things didn't turn out as expected and I had to drop Plan A.

Never mind boy, Plan B at rescue! Let me put it in action.

Sunday starts lazy and after getting fresh, I was thinking to start looking at blogs to post on my site but hey, the whole country is talking about recent Rs 500 and 1000 Note demonetization. Let me read what are latest happenings and there goes few news articles and some small videos. One thing led to another and, don't remember exactly how, but I ended up on Jet Li! Suddenly I had a yearn for reading about Jet Li's childhood as it's been a long since I read about it.

I was surprised to find that there wasn't any biography on Jet Li but some articles are available to know about childhood of my childhood hero.
Jet Li's earlier days - The ruthless training he underwent in his childhood is highly inspiring. Must read if you want to get some motivation to work harder and cultivate Never Give Up attitude.
What is wushu - Jet Li explains what does Wu (Martial) Shu (arts) stands for.
Jet Li's stardom - How Jet Li got into films and achieved the stardom.
Kiss of the dragon - How Kiss Of The Dragon movie was conceptualized and why it is very close to Jet Li.

That was enough for the day for Jet Li, so let me check my emails. Or rather, delete the unimportant emails and keep the ones which I would check later. Plan B execution was about to start after this until I saw an email from Wait But Why newsletter. Well, I have to check what Tim Urban has come up with as he writes hell interesting and doesn't send new blog post notification frequently. So, I checked the email and saw that it was regarding follow up blog post of US election result. That didn't interest me much. Clicked on a related post at the end of the blog - 12 Types Of People You’ll Find In Every Hostel - which didn't interest me much either but related posts at the end of this blog gave me a shocker! I was taken aback to know that Tim has Visited North Korea and wrote a post on it.

Stories of North Korea and its dictator Kim Jong Un do interest me a lot and I usually read them instantly. So how could I miss this one - 20 Things I Learned While I Was in North Korea. One more blog post of WBW completed!

At the end of the North Korea post, I found another very tempting title From Muhammad to ISIS: Iraq’s Full Story. I was sure Tim would have given the best information on this topic so this has to be read. Done! Lengthy but highly informative as expected.

After reading this ISIS post, I came to know that Tim had visited other countries too for such blog series and one of them is Japan! I am already fascinated about Japanese culture by reading many nice things on Quora about Japanese people, their politeness, dutifulness, punctuality, cleanliness and much more. So, there was no option of keeping this one on hold, I had to read it - Japan, and How I Failed to Figure it Out. One more of WBW posts completed.

I finally realized that it was evening and I haven't progressed even an inch in Plan B. I was sure enough this plan has failed too but I wasn't sad that Sunday was wasted. No, it didn’t. I did get to read many nice articles and blogs on various topics.

Just that instead of writing-sunday it became reading-sunday for me! Also, reading about all these stuff, I got highly motivated to write a blog about it and finally at 2AM this is going on site.

Productive Sunday I must say!

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