Hello World!

Again, after a long time I am back to blog on my site. Actually, there is nothing special to mention in this blog but to say "HELLO WORLD!"

I was pretty busy in last couple of months that I couldn't spare much time to blog on my site but now I think I must be regular to blog. Meanwhile I had many ideas and thoughts about blogging on various topics and events but either my laziness or my carelessness never let my enthusiasm overcome. Hence, I had to run my site without new content. Anyways, as I already mentioned in earlier blog "it's never too late" so I am back, hopefully, to bang.

I think now I am going to blog about general topics, interesting forwarded e-mails and some technical stuff related to PHP/MYSQL and Drupal. Many times at work I find interesting solutions to the problem people generally face in programming. So I am planning to share my ideas/solutions on those technical problems. Let's see how does it go.

Soon, I am going to add Photo Gallery and Links section on my site. In Photo Gallery I will share my favorite pictures and pics from my trips. In links I will share URLs of useful resources I find while surfing net. Not sure when these features will be added but hoping to update the site ASAP.

Thank you all!!!



I know hello world... it's the first thing you notice and about the 1st project on the all programming languages. . so what's new mittal your site is very nicely developed.. me likey

Happy to know at last you visited my site bro ;-)

appreciable efforts...

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