Happy Birthday Hedsbhai

Many Many Happy Returns of the day....

I am sooo sorry brother, as usual I couldn't remember your birthday. Well, its not surprising but I was supposed to remember it yaar :(. Anyways, I know you won't mind it much >:D

So please forgive me and I promise I will try to remember it next time.
So 2 big things on this occasion. First, I am starting posting on this site and second from now onwards I will try to be very serious about our work, dreams and business. I am very lucky that I have got a friend, guide and business partner like you, I always thank my God to send you in my life. Please never leave me alone.

Happy Birthday Hedsbhai

Always keep smiling.

I promise we gonna rock for sure. Year 2008 gonna change our lives >:D

This is the birthday gift for you Bro....

- Your Mitsss


Thanx Thanx ThanxThanxThanxThanxThanx

thank you bro.

yes you are right, I need to do something. but its 10th of jan. and nothing have been started yet. moreover we are not planning now. anyways enjjooyyy.


Thanks again.

Wish you many^n returns of the day.


Thanks a lot bro !!!!
Thanks for your gift :)

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