Get your photo in Google search result!

While searching on Google, many times, I wondered how some of the bloggers were getting their picture along with the Google search result. I thought 'wouldn't it look too cool if I also got my picture along with the search result for my blogs?'. So, after a little search and some experiments I also achieved that B-) and believe me it isn't too hard. You can also get your picture to be displayed on the Google search result page.

To achieve that you must first have Google+ profile page. If you don't have it then go and create one. After you get your Google+ profile, Google has provided 2 methods to verify that you are the owner/writer of the blog. For the verification process you can use either of these.

First method is to go to Authorship page and verify your email address on the same domain as your blog (for example, I verified my email address for my site ). This authorship will add the link of your website in Contributor section of your profile which you must keep public. I have done these steps but unfortunately didn’t work for me so I had to try another method.

Second method is easy one, you need to give back link from your blog/site page to your Google profile with "?rel=author" in the link. For example, I have put a link on each page of my website. After you put this link on your pages, make sure you add your website in the Contributor section of your Google + profile. Do this and you are done.

The second method worked for me and I started getting my picture and "By Mittal Patel" with the search result. So you can also follow this and get appeared with Google search result. :)

For more information you can visit Author information in search result and Rich snippets testing tool.


Hello Mittal,

I followed second step but did not get success.

Not sure what went wrong.

I followed all stesps you mentioned.

Hello Sudhir, I see that you have done it rightly on your site and I can see on that Google is fetching your author data. So, it will start displaying on google result in 3-4 days or a week. So please wait for a while :)

Hey Mittal,

Thanks for the information , Now its working for me , Google is showing my profile image.

Thanks :)

Yes Sudhir, I can see you are also getting your photo in search result now :-)
Good one dude !!!

This is a good feature. How long does it take them authorise?

Hello Shalu,
After you do the verification process, I guess you should start seeing your photo in search result within a week. It will depend upon how long Google spider takes to crawl your site after you verified the author. Give it a try and let us know how much time it took for you :-)


Hi Mittal, thanks for sharing this excellent post. I try your instruction and now my pic is showing on my google search result. Great!

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