First Drupal Ahmedabad meetup

First of all, let me confess that I really enjoyed attending my first Drupal meetup and I was glad to see other Drupal enthusiasts there. As initiated by Gaurav, the first Drupal meetup of Ahmedabad was planned on 25th December at Cignex Technologies Pvt Ltd. The main agenda of meetup was to discuss about Drupal 7, day to day life with Drupal and networking with other Drupal developers. Me, Jinit and Dushyant from Regius IT Solutions Pvt Ltd., Gaurav, Dheeraj, Aruna, Dhara, Swati, Nisha, Priyanka and Dayana from Cignex, Samay from Entourage solutions and Bhavin from Joshi Consultancy Services attended the meetup. I must mention that a real Drupal enthusiast Bhavin Joshi travelled all the way from Rajkot to Ahmedabad just to attend the meetup and showed his passion about Drupal.

In the meetup, after basic introduction, Gaurav gave us a tour of Drupal 7 and the significant difference points of Drupal from version 6 to 7. In general Drupal discussion a very interesting case study of one large project was discussed by Dheeraj and it did enlighten others about the security and performance aspects of Drupal. Over snacks we discussed on how we can spread awareness about such event among college students and Drupal newbies who can be benefitted by other's knowledge. It was very nice to see that everyone showed quite a lot of encouragement and interest to take this further and contribute towards Drupal community.

To conclude we have decided that we'll be planning such meetups more frequently now, mostly once a month and we will create a Google group to stay in touch with fellow developers. The group is created now and you can join at Gujarat Drupal User Group. And the Drupal 7 release party is also arranged on 7th January,2011 at Cignex. If you want to join the party then please sign up here.

Finally, I am thankful to Gaurav for such a nice initiation and Cignex to provide a platform for meetup. We'll meet again soon !

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