Find who is invisible on yahoo messenger!

Yahoo! Messenger voice chat

  • Did you ever wonder why you see someone offline all the time on yahoo messenger?
  • Do you think someone has put you in ignore list?
  • Do you think someone is hiding from you by keeping themselves invisible?

Well, in such cases you would love to know if someone is online but in invisible mode. Here is a simple way to detect if the Yahoo user is invisible. Just insert the yahoo user id in the box below and check out the status.

yahoo invisible detector

DISCLAIMER: This is a third party tool and I don't guarantee for its performance. I found it on internet so sharing it with you guys. Hope this invisible yahoo user detector helps you!


Third party tools are good, until Yahoo comes out with a new build that usually hoses everybody's tools up. I used to use Ymessenger, but with Pidgin or other chat programs. After most of the systems went to being able to send messages to people 'offline', if someone 'was' online and the IM was open on their could see "whoever" is typing in your own IM box to them.

Yes John,
You are absolutely right that third party tools stop working if Yahoo make changes in messenger. But I have been using this tool for more than a year and most of the times it has given me quite accurate results so I thought to share it with other people.

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