Dream comes true for billion+ Indians

I never watched such a huge celebration of any festival or any achievement in history of India till yesterday. All of the cricket fans gathered on the streets to celebrate the much awaited victory of India. The crazy crowd showed the love towards cricket and their hero by shouting, screaming, yelling, dancing and cheering. It was one of a kind. People gathering on the roads voluntarily and showing such a tremendous enthusiasm was something we could not expect frequently. And why wouldn’t they do it? It has been 28 years since we won the last world cup and finally the moment came for which billions of people were waiting since long. We got to watch some nerve-wracking matches and we lost few of the matches too but the performance of all the players as an individual and as a team was best till the day I have seen. Every player contributed well in their respective field of bowling, batting or fielding and made us reach to this historical victory. Dhoni and the team have brought smiles and tears of joy to billions of people. They gave us a proud moment to cherish throughout our life and in future I would proudly say that I have witnessed this triumph of India.

Another big reason for this crazy celebration was our love for the little master /sites/default/files/sachin1.jpg">Sachin Tendulkar – the most famous Indian alive – the greatest batsman cricket history has ever seen. Everyone wanted the team to win world cup as it would be the last world cup for our beloved Sachin and in his career of 20 years we never won the world cup earlier. Contribution of Sachin in Indian cricket is un-paralleled. It wouldn’t be too much to say that many people watch cricket just because Sachin is playing and in this world cup he has fulfilled the expectations of every Indian by playing well and scoring highest run from India in the tournament.

I enjoyed the match with my room partners and there was some tension when Sehwag and Sachin fell earlier but deep down our hearts we all had a feeling that finally we’ll win. And awesome performance by Gambhir and captain didn’t let us down. Everyone started dancing with joy as we won and later we joined the crowd on street.

I am really very happy to be a part of this celebration and I will never forget this day of my life!!!

[Checkout the videos of celebration I have uploaded on YouTube channel.]


it was a great moment for everyone including me.

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