Do you have what it takes to travel impromptu in foreign land?

Ever thought about going around the roads of India?

How crazy does travelling through India in an Autorickshaw sounds? You heard that right! In an autorickshaw. To take the adventure quotient a notch higher, these guys are doing it impromptu- no itinerary, no planning, just going where the road takes them. rickshaw-run/

If the vagabond aspect of their trip hasn't managed to pique your interest, this definitely will. These guys are a part of a charity event and raising funds to help protect the world's disappearing rainforests.

They managed to make the mundane task of driving autorickshaw into the craziest adventure you can ever have, all the while saving the world. Isn’t it cool? There are days when the routine of everyday life demands a breath of fresh air and inspiration. Meeting Vytas, Nic, Deana & Fletch in Patan at Rani Ki Vaav has most definitely managed to disrupt my inertia of travelling unplanned. Here is to finding inspiration in unexpected places and to take the road less travelled. Wishing them the very best of Indian hospitality, warmth and more crazy experiences as they make their way through India! Hope to see you guys around somewhere, again.

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