Surprise… Surprise… Surprise… I am still alive!!!

I am feeling like it has been years since I have posted something on my site. No no, wasn’t busy with studies, work or any other productive work. Full credit goes to my laziness and my procrastination! In my life, I never thought, I could stay idle for months to this extent but as you friends know many things happen in our life for the very first time . :) Chatting, mail checking , orkutting, sleeping and hanging around kept me busy till now. Oh ya, in between, for a change, I visited library for few hours to make sure that I am preparing for GRE/TOEFL. After enough delay and postponements I registered for GRE and I will take it on 12th November. Right now I am counting that I still have 48 days to go. Feeling like too much time I have to prepare for this exam :D.

Anyways, apart from that my web development projects are also on stack, not sparing time for them but as the bank balance is loosing its balance I guess I’ll have to start working again before I find my self under heavy debts :D. As I had enough dose of chat, now I’ll surely stop chatting with useless people(mostly girls ;) )and avoid spending time just for nothing.

As I didn’t post anything for last few months ( believe me, I thought to post sooo many things but never could take over my laziness :-( ), I have missed many things. I am thinking to post everything I missed so you can expect to find many new posts with interesting material in upcoming days.

I am trying to keep myself busy with studies of GRE/TOEFL, my projects and other constructive things. But I shouldn’t forget that I’ve made bunch of new chat friends whom I can’t ignore at once.

Let’s see, how can I come up nicely balancing all these stuff and again I can prove that I really am Master Mind.

That’s it for now. I will try to bore you with my blogs as much as possible…. ;)


I just called someone up (847pm). The center was polite. (Of course presales is expected that).

I will be moving around town and the main locations I am at do have pick up signals.

I already use BSNL Broadband and am more than happy with them. However, due to the limitations of bandwidth speeds provided, I cant get my main work done.

I wonder if they can get me running on a wifi demo (20 mins) to test out. And whether the same user id and password can be used whenever I see a hotspot. If so, it becomes value for money.

I think in a few locations I dont need any "Device" or booster. However, I dont know if they offer a discount for customers who dont need the device. Later on I guess if I need one, I can probably signup for one (pay).

However Im reluctant since Ive had terrible nightmare experiences with Icenet (many years ago) and Iqara (is that company even alive)...and I wouldn't be surprised if these guys turn out to vanish or their customer care (with issues) are bad.

No one has mentioned how long support issues get resolved or downtime. Since I'd have bsnl backup im not too worried but since Im going to pay more than 1000rs a month Id want to have a good experience and not a bad one.

IT seems reps from the company are checking this blog, so they can contact me at +91 9723450000, assuming I havent found an alternative and they have a good deal to offer.

Anyways nice reading this blog - especially since theyre corporate website is down (which is the first big gest worry for me) and possibly one reason I might not signup.

sorry this comment was for spidigo (please move). Apologies again.

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