4 hours of reliance = 45 hours of common man

Frustration gets at peak when I can’t access my internet for longer. Especially when I am in Ahmedabad and internet isn’t working due to some technical or other problem.

I missed to pay the bill of my internet connection as I was busy with preparation of my exam(TOEFL). On the very same day when exam got over, I couldn’t access my net. Internet connection was suspended due to non-payment of the bill. Ok, it was my mistake, I accepted. I ran to near by reliance web world and paid the necessary amount at 5 o’clock in the evening. To my happiness, the cash recipient lady informed that internet connection would be activated again within half an hour (wow, I was sooo delighted.)

My clock was running well. Even after two hours of wait, the situation was same. So I called reliance customer care to know what was going on. I could know that amount was received, bill was paid and I was supposed to wait for 4 hours to get my connection re-activated (Ok, here half an hour turned into 4 hours.) Another 2 hours of wait, still no result, no difference. I went crazy, again visited the reliance web world to discuss the problem. And I got very irresponsible answer that internet in our area was facing some problem. Actually there was nothing like that because my friend who use the same connection was surfing net at full speed.

I contacted customer care again at around 10. Still, no good response. Same answer, wait and watch, it will be resolved soon. The next day was Sunday. I kept contacting customer care on regular interval but it wasn’t my day. They raised complain again, told me to wait for 4 hours but I guess their 4 hours were never ending. I was clueless what was going on. It was really irritating that I couldn’t surf net for more than 24 hours and to my bad luck that irritation was to last one more night.

On Monday, I called the local executive who took care of my application for reliance broadband connection. He got me in touch with some another person and he told me that problem will get resolved soon. At last at 2 o’clock on Monday, I could visit the homepages of my favorite websites again.

So, it took 45 hours to re-activate my internet connection which shouldn’t have taken more than 4 hours as per reliance company policy. I am pretty sure their clock should be checked again whether it’s running well or not.

In this case, I really wanted to complain to some higher authority or agency but I had no idea whom to contact and where to tell. So finally decided to post it on my website and will try to post it at other places as well.

If the company like reliance, one of the best ISP in India, is being such irresponsible in handling customers’ problem then they must be pointed out to junta.



arree bhai kone kidhu ke one of the best ISP in India is reliance ?

kyarey Airtel nu net use karyu chhe ?

Airtel = Internet

grahak jagela j chhe badha pan tame suta lago chho.

reliance ne feko sabarmati ma ne jaraak buddhi vaprine vicharo ne airtel connection lo.

i m using since nov 2004 and there is absolutely no problem at all.

Yeah, I know Airtel internet connection is best among all. I was using it at my old flat but I couldn't get it over my new place as they don't provide cables without digging. And society people didn't allow them. :D
So, I had to opt for reliance...
Anyways, I think fari thi airtel ni try karvi padse.... :)

Are..!! tame kaya jagela kehvao boss?? It's not at all your fault that you are using Reliance. I do not use reliance but I was facing some problem regarding my WLL phone of BSNL and people was telling me like this gentle man. "BSNL to levato hase??, BSNL nu full form etle to-- Bhai Sab Nathi Lagto, BSNL vaparvo ane service ni expectation rakhvi?? etc..etc.."

I tell you one thing, if they are offering some plans and we like that plans; to why should we not go for it? Whatever their services are, but they are bound to provide us service and TRAi is available for complaining about DTH service providers, telephone and cel phone companies and internet and broadband service providers.

As per TRAI guidelines (which must be followed by company if they want their liecence to keep active); They have to provide their call center number, nodal officer number and e-mail address, and appellate authority telephone number and e-mail addresses.

You should escalate such things to them and if you do not get satisfactory answer; you have right to escalate to higher authority like appeal and complaining to TRAI, drag them to cunsumer forums..

I got best services of my BSNL once I've contacted NODAL officer by e-mail and even got all refund and reimbursement for the said period.

If I; a common man can do without using any cunsumer forum, you can also do the same..


Never give up..

peasa leke connection nahee diya!!

Hello Jignesh,
I think you should go to You Telecom office (Sarthik Building 2ND Floor, Near Fun Republic, Satellite) taking along the receipt of the payment and ask why you aren't given the connection. If they don't respond well then you can complain in the consumer court.

Hope you get service for your money.

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