"This computer does not support the required audio compression format" - Yahoo! Messenger Error

Yahoo! Messenger voice chatRecently I got a new Dell Studio 1555 laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium and this time I chose to try out Vista rather than replacing it with Windows XP. (It is running slow but still I am happy with its graphics and user interface. )

Coming to the point, after installing Yahoo! Messenger I tried to log into chat rooms and I could get into chat rooms but Voice option was disabled. Then once I went into a conference and again voice option was disabled and it was popping up the error “This computer does not support the required audio compression format.” Now this was something new for me. I am a chat bug for last 4 years and I never encountered this error so I was bit surprised to see that.

Finding the error, the first thing I usually do is search about it on Google and I did the same this time too. I could find that I was getting the error because required audio codec, DSP True Speech, was missing. Actually, Windows Vista has deprecated this codec and Yahoo! Messenger still uses it for Voice chat so it was obvious to get an error.

Problem was identified. Next step : Find the solution. Again, go to Google! Search for DSP True Speech download and got thousands of link. I was lucky to find
http://www.bytescribe.com/downloads/tsp_codec_install.exe in the very first effort. I downloaded it, installed it and restarted my lappy. Wooohhhhh !!!! After re-boot the voice chat was enabled and I could enjouy it in the Chat rooms and Conference as well.

Enjoy this if you are facing the same problem in Windows Vista

Problem : “This computer does not support the required audio compression format” Yahoo Messenger Voice chat error. Unable to use Voice chat feature in Chat rooms and Conference.

Solution : Install DSP True speech codec for vista.

Link to download codec : http://www.bytescribe.com/downloads/tsp_codec_install.exe

Conclusion : Enjoy voice chat!!! ;-)


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Thanks for the fix I was getting very annoyed finally someone that can fix this problem!

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