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Well, well, well

There was a time when I was damn happy earning $$$ from my sites. Even I made good sum of money for more then a year. It was really great experience to develop sites, publish it, promote it and earn money.

But now, I tried to be bit over smart, tried to play little prank with ads placement on my sites and damnn..... My 2 sites http://www.MitsnHeds.com and http://www.free-ebooks-junction.com both banned by Google Adsense, which was the only revenue generating program for me. Oh look at my sites, without ads its looking really very poor :(.

Please guys never try to cheat google or play prank with google. Its really the God of web based market. You can't escape yourself from Google if you are running online business or want to jump for the same.

So now, life is turning harder. Expenditures are increasing and I have no source of income. [Well, don't worry much buddy, DAD is always there ;), but its really great feeling to live self-reliant life].

I am scolding myself for not to get recruited by any company and get bunch of ATKTs in my academic career. I was really dumb that all the time I kept thinking about business, enjoyment and never care much about my studies. I just wanted to be little bit different and make difference in my life but I guess I got screwed now.

So all the generous people out there, would you like to help me out? Is there any company who would like to give me prestigious job??? [Hope someone will contact me soon. :-)]

-Mittal Patel..... Now in search of a JOB....

[Special Note : Hey, did you read all the crap about me above???? It's completely true but one thing I haven't mentioned above is, I still haven't lost courage. I've always loved to struggle, had faced big problems many times and came up with nice solution each and every time. So, even in this situation, I am not going to give up. I will fight with all the problems I am facing and I am damn sure I will sparkle one day..... ]

(It was there on About Me of orkut on my profile for a month or so. Just wanted to save it somewhere so posted it as a blog. )



What I do sometimes is not exactly cheating, I prefer to consider it creative problem solving.

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