Spidigo -> Let it go away speedily

I think most of the people might be unaware of the name spidigo. It is so called ISP providing wired and wireless internet connections in a big cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, etc.

I used their wired broadband connection for about 2 months and I have to say this was the most pathetic time for me to stay connected. It can go down at any moment. I think there are very few employees handling all the work of spidigo so you can guess it is useless to dream about getting SUPPORT in case of failure.

While pinging, any website, even when the connection isn’t facing any problem, it keeps giving Request Timed Out frequently. Transferring files through FTP was a nightmare. I have to deal with uploading and downloading via FTP every now and then so you can guess how hard I would have suffered.

Whenever I tried to reach customer support, they (HE – I think there was only one person) responded with the only answer : let me check out your connection and I will call you soon. Believe me, I never got a call from their side.

And the worst case happened 2 weeks back. Internet was down for almost days. I was working on website projects of my client and I wasn’t able to connect for days. I called hundreds of times but it couldn’t make any difference except decreasing my mobile balance.

Finally getting fed up of all the problems I requested to give my money back for the remaining month and cut the connection. I was astonished to hear the reply of customer care. He said there is no rule regarding giving money back and closing internet connection at the middle of the month. And to more surprise he said spidigo is also paying someone (I think tata indicom) for bandwidth in advanced so they can’t give me money back. Lol……….

So guys, if you are about to get spidigo internet connection then please beware you might suffer like I did. I never liked to spread negative message for anything but the way I was treated made me write this because I don’t want others to leap into same trap.




Nice Post , I am agree with u

mamu banati he company Spidigo. i sugest you please enter his web site in spam site

hi all,

even i also afgree with u it is worst internet service provided i took plan for 3 months unlimited download n to worst side out of 3 month appx 2.5 montsh connectivity was not there n inspite of various reminders no response... pethetic... even i am planning for launching consumer court for there pooer service n cheating customers..

i require support from all of you for making spidigo realise that now they cannt cheat customers any more.

are you all with me n teaching spidigo a lesson

I am using SPIDIGO broadband i have no complaint for this broad band because, my connection has never down.....and speed is very nice..........no complaint ......

We agree with you.

Spidigo is the worst ISP. I applied for connection on Dec 2010 and paid 4800 INR and i am yet to get the connection or refund.

Spidigo is Synonym to Worst and not to mention the customer care executives vague replies.



I am totally agree with you my friend..

I have my life time worst experience with crap head customer service executives they have.. especially one Mr.Parmar and one more lady(I can identified their voices as well,, I guess they have only these two crap head in there customer care), with whom I keep speaking every next day as their Net Service will be either down or Slow like a hell. These both executive will hangup your call in between if and will not even bother answering your query properly

I suggest to go for Airtel if available. They are the best.. I had to take this crap service from bullshit company like Spidigo just because there was no bandwidth available at with Airtel at that time..

I suggest all to not to go for Spidigo at any cost..



I an with you and you can call me on +91-9913186039 if you want support to file a case against spidigo.

I don't agree with this. I have been using spidigo internet since last 2 years and I didn't face such problem. Might be in your case, you may not be getting good coverage as they are providing internet through wifi. But that's not the case with all customers.

I'm happy with the service they are providing.

sorry to said..but u r the only one who said that spidigo is good internet service.man wake up and look around spidigo net users..even look into news papers about their complains...

SpidiGO is far better than BSNL......
I have been using since july 2010.....not even a single problem in response to connection speed......superb service at low cost.....it will surely make big market in future.....

Are you from spidigo division. Are you a looter ceo of the past from spidigo

Hi All
I was just searching for the ISPs in Ahmedabad and came across this blog. Well I am not an IT guy but I have fair knowledge of it. I dont know why i am spending my time to write my view, but i think its fair to give my vote when its matters.

I am using broadband since 2006 (when there were comparatively less users than today, and less broadband players too). I have shifted my office in Navrangpura, satellite, ashram-road, Gurukul-road. Currently I am in Bopal since last 1 year. and I have used almost all Broadband services including Airtel, Tata Broadband, Reliance Broadband, and Currently Spidigo(Currently I am using Spidogo since my office is in Bopal and in Bopal we do not have choice except BSNL and Spidigo. Though Tata is there but its like non active player and anyways I am not happy with TATA in my previous experiences.

I have used Airtel at 4 places (except bopal all places) and I am most happy with it 9 out of 10. In initial years there is not even a single complain for constant 6-7 months hardly i have faced any problem with Airtel. Importantly whenever there is problem, the cust.care know before us that there is a problem in this area so when we call them they intimate us the timelimit for problem resolution. GOOD.
Reliance - Though I should not be against anyone, but I will not go for any reliance service, eventhough they give me money to use that. NEVER EVER GO FOR ANY RELIANCE SERVICE, ok, sorry, its too harsh for any company, but think 1000 times before taking any Reliance service, becoz you never know at which juncture you will get cheated and you will realize it after days & moths that you were cheated (its just My personal opinion - still its up to you to decide), Its a long story and I am tired now, so dont want to write too much.
Tata is Ok at one place and horrible at other, overall experience is "If at your place if airtel and tata both available - dont think about 50-100 more rupees, go for Airtel" If you dont have airtel think about other options before taking tata.
Then come the last option Spidigo.
This year beginning Mar-2010 I have shifted to Bopal and in Bopal we have to chose between BSNL and Spidigo (that time, now 1-2 more came), and of course i would choose death than taking a BSNL connection, so have to go for spidigo (Tata is there, but I am not so happy with TATA and i was also keen to give a chance to spidogo) So we wnt for spidigo 256 kbps @4800 Rs. per year (as there is no refund policy as others said), today i am using spidigo since almost 9-10 months and telling you I am fairly satisfied with the services, though we had a fair amount of rain this year still in the heavy rains it does not stopped, working at the same speed. fantastic service. in the initial days i used to have some problems of no connections, request timed out, no ping, server down etc, but its bound to happen with all ISPs, comparatively in spidigo its less. and complains get resolved in time. By the time I came across the people who are not happy with spidigo, then i have tried to search for the reasons why i have fairly good coverage? Then I have found that the spidogo tower in my area is just opposite to my office and importantly the direction of that tower is also toward my office, so in whatever conditions I am getting good services (believe it or not)
So the people who are planning to going for a new connection, i will request them first check where the tower is in area and if possible take a demo of 2-3 days and then go for it. honestly spidigo is not a bad service provided you are in a good range of it (though company people will give excuses on that but its true, if you are well within the range of that tower, spidigo will give you fantastic service and if you are away / behind any tall building / far from the tower / too many obstacles between you and tower then you are not going to get a good service from spidigo. and thats the reason spidigo is not so successful in Mumbai, due to lots of congestion and high-rise buildings in between.
So check this thing before you go for spidigo and if the situations are positive, spidigo is fantastic

Pros of spidigo :-
- You can take it anywhere, in any area (almost), since its half wireless & half wired
- Gives good service provided you are in good covering area
- Allows you LAN sharing (almost all ISPs do that except Reliance* {T&C Apply- As usual})
- Last but not the least, its probably the cheapest broadband service, now 256 kbps unlimited in just 400 rupees a month is really amazing price. Tough you have to pay for the entire year for this rate, and there is no refund policy.Iin case you are not happy with the service forget your money and go for the another ISP.
And just today one sales guy came to my office with new offer 256kbps @ 320Rs a month & 512 kbps @ 407 Rs per month of course in both cases you need to pay 15 months rent at one go, but if you are ok with the services, its too small price for such a good speed.

Cons for Spidigo :-
- Its works on tower basis, (not underground wires as Airtel & reliance do have), so if high-rise buildings are in between, you will not get a good coverage, at the same time if Spidigo tower is too far from your location you will not so happy with the service.
- At times it goes down (initially, but since almost 4-5 month its running without problem)
- Amateur technical team
- Poor instruments quality (since its my first year of spidigo so still all the instruments are working nicely, but i can make out that they are not long lasting, and i am not sure about the replacement policy, in case i want renewed parts)
- They havent provided water proof instruments, so what they did they stick some insulating tapes on my receiver before the rainy season came, but still it has worked

Finally you should not expect a great service / great customer care / great instruments / great wire quality /great technical team in just 400 Rs a month, just think from the business point of view also. its a new company and growing, if they do well they will also provide great service / great customer care / great instruments / great wire quality /great technical team.

you can reply me on nimdave24@yahoo.co.in in case if you liked / disagree my views

Dear Mr. Nimesh Dave,

As you have stated the facts about SPIDIGO is absolutely correct and I agree with you. I am using SPIDIGO since july 2010 without any interption however I am facing a voice delay or voice break up during call to USA/CANADA. May be due to slower speed during the day time.

Overall I am happy with the services of SPIDIGO.


You r Right my dear......I have not problem with this service....

Come on buddy, speak up the truth..You sure you are not a Spidigo employee. :)

Well I would also agree with the poor connectivity and stupid service from spidigo. It's a very small company and trying to wifi whole city and so on...I guess they should first try to cover smaller pockets and then go for the larger networks. I myself is from IT company and I know its not easy to go wireless through out the city (Think why RIL, TATA, Airtel etc... have yet not rolled into it). Even Tata WiMax has speed related issues. Overall I think there is always room for improvments and Spidigo have very very long way to go.
Nt.: Even their website is down most of the times.

Also Nt.: I always see someone praising the services and stuff but put them as Anonymous. Just wonder why?? If they really feel very good about the services then why not put an email or name or website. X)X)X)X


dude..m using this means just have this service since 5 months..m saying tht they r good means i have 256/512 kbs day/night pakage...i dont get good speed in day but i get around 550 to 600 kbps at night means after 8 to morning 6...i no tht its crap but they r gud for night users...

Hello. Im from ahmedabad n i signed up for this 256 kbps/unlimited plan. I had asked for a wifi connection but there were signal related issues so i settled for a cable connection. So far so good - the speed is better than the prescribed limit. :)
il keep u updated as the month goes!

Hey Rahul,
Thanks for commenting. Please keep us updated so that we can have clear idea if Spidigo has really improved their services. So that we can recommend it to friends who are seeking for broadband solutions....

dear Rahul,

Hai I Think your 1 month is over now then say about Your Exprience and About spidigo services.

I m Watiiiiiiiiiiing..


Dear Mr. Mittalbhai,

Kindly give me details of Spidigo Internet Service Providers and how i can get it in Usmanpur Area.

Thanks & Regards,

Hello Vipul,
I don't have any contact number of Spidigo services or executives. So please find it out googling about spidigo.

spidigo customer care-66199999

actually the all are paranoid..or fudging people...

Look this is the number you can contact them in any reason in A/bad.
But still in Usmanpura you should get Airtel or TATA if TATA can provide wireline as the worst part is Wmax they provide.
And ya I am in Navrangpura I use a BSNL 3G DATA CARD 7.2mbps.
I get fabulous speed I call with my eyebeam to USA.
Surf a lot its providing me 2mbps speed atleast so cheap and happy to have it all around the city as I have a laptop.

Well Shreya. All I would like to say is that this company is a thief company and this company doesn't even view their vows all over the internet. I asked the technician when he came to my home as the internet was not getting good speed (as usual) if they had seen the numerous complaints about SPiDiGO in the internet but he had no idea at all what I was talking about. I think these people of SPiDiGO should be dug alive...They are crazy bunch of people who have come by passing from some colleges of villages in remote areas. They make me a hell lot Screwed up!

any one can give me address or contact number for wifi or wimax service provider in ahmedabad ?

Any One want Spidigo Broadband Call Me I m Working with spidigo Internet company since 3 month i have given you 100% good service.
Thanx Mr. Mittal For your Blog .

Spidio is going to get many customers from my this blog even though I have criticized it's service. :D

Well, I gotta contact the marketing department of Spidigo and offer them online marketing services. How's that? ;)

Yes , Also Contact Me for marketing


rahulbhai-tata wimax------->9227785777


I am the the wimax service provider if u r intrested so please call on 9898952920.

hi Mittal, i came across your blog and would like to add a few comments on spidigo.

I was staying in Ahmedabad at Sola a while back where i had subscriber for a spidigo Ac, i was quite happy with their services and response times, There were some connectivity issues which got resolved permanently by installing a booster outside my room.

They were kind enough to transfer my account at no charge from Sola to CG road at no extra cost.

Keep it up Spidigo,

And friends their helpline number would be 66199999, i believe they provide services in most parts of Ahmedabad not having any other connectivity.

Thank you for providing your feedback Esha. It will help other readers to know more about the ISP and thanks for providing the helpline number. One of the reader was looking for it.

- Mittal Patel

Thanx Eshha For Good Review i also Use Spidigo service and i Also satesfied this services and i have one excutives phone number is 9687637503 and name is raju he is given good service i 100% satesfied.

Hi can you tell me how to connect speedigo wifi. I got userid and password from a friend but I dont know where to give it.

You were very lucky. The change of location charge is now around 250-500Rs. Though that is not much, I just want to let people aware that much has changed since then.

Dhalgarwad Nr, Ahmedabad muncipal corporaition

I'm sorry. I totally forgot to update this.
Well, it worked like a breeze for twenty odd days and then came the hiccups.
My connection started sagging - very slow at times.
Even when I was connected to the network, Sometimes I couldn't access the portal through which I'm supposed o login. For like four days in a row, I kept calling up their customer care. Although the problem would get resolved after the phone call, it would appear again the next day.

This happened for sometime before they did some upgrading work for my area and since then, it's been perfect. No sagging and no disconnectivity.
One thing I have to mention about this service is it's customer care. Although the guys on phone aren't great with the technical stuff, they manage to solve the issue and if you insist, an engineer is sent to your place on the same day itself.
I have renewed my services for this month also.

Ratings -
Connection - 7/10
Download Speeds (with full connectivity) - 10/10
Customer care - 9/10

Hope this helps.
The Spidigo number for Ahmedabad is -079-66199999.
The sales guy whom I contacted is Femin Patel - 9099089846.

I recommend you guys take the wired connection in the first months. I still doubt the connectivity their wireless connections will provide.

I got speedigo ID-Password for wifi connection. Can anyone tell me how to connect? I am getting it's network and able to join it but where to give ID and password??

thanks in advance...

Wifi is not supported. Misleading information that you have read (and many others have read). You need to have a device (nano or bullet) at your end to pickup and decode the singals being sent (Which are encrypted). You need this station in order to access your net. This further means you cant access the net on the road unless you take your bullet/nano station with you and power it up from the new location you are in.

The wireless router information provided on the site, in the paper,etc. are misleading.

One technician told me the MONTHLY RENT FOR A wireless router is Rs.1000 per month (odd since the cost of a wifi router is 3000Rs buy out - DLINK,etc).

I just called someone up (847pm). The center was polite. (Of course presales is expected that).

I will be moving around town and the main locations I am at do have pick up signals.

I already use BSNL Broadband and am more than happy with them. However, due to the limitations of bandwidth speeds provided, I cant get my main work done.

I wonder if they can get me running on a wifi demo (20 mins) to test out. And whether the same user id and password can be used whenever I see a hotspot. If so, it becomes value for money.

I think in a few locations I dont need any "Device" or booster. However, I dont know if they offer a discount for customers who dont need the device. Later on I guess if I need one, I can probably signup for one (pay).

However Im reluctant since Ive had terrible nightmare experiences with Icenet (many years ago) and Iqara (is that company even alive)...and I wouldn't be surprised if these guys turn out to vanish or their customer care (with issues) are bad.

No one has mentioned how long support issues get resolved or downtime. Since I'd have bsnl backup im not too worried but since Im going to pay more than 1000rs a month Id want to have a good experience and not a bad one.

IT seems reps from the company are checking this blog, so they can contact me at +91 9723450000, assuming I havent found an alternative and they have a good deal to offer.

Anyways nice reading this blog - especially since theyre corporate website is down (which is the first big gest worry for me) and possibly one reason I might not signup.

My office is as at C.G road and I have been approached by a Spidigo marketing exec for new conn.
Pls suggest wheteher to go for it or not.

For Spidigo Broadband "

Contacat Me 9227192392

@ shivam - Could you please tell me how the BSNL dataone broadband is here in Ahmedabad?
I'm from Bangalore and it was an absolute delight there. Is it the same here?

Also, the device is some CPE. I pay 150 rupees monthly for it apart from the internet charges. I think vastrapur is the only place where you get good connectivity without the device. That's what I've been told. Never checked.

Look, I think the prices for BSNL are low because their support and setup time is terrible. There is no doubt, that Public runned companies (Govt.) are way congested with people who are both rude and old (seniority rules).

However, connectivity is excellent. You get what you paid for since the connection is through ADSL (telephone line). There is no doubt, in a rainy monsoon day/night, your connection will be on. They have automated numbers to call for complaints and generally issues are dealt with fast (dealt = completed, not a reply we're working on it).

At the low cost you pay you have to forego expectations. You pay for what you expect to get ..or you get what you pay for.

BSNL dont expect too much. But expect great connectivity and very few downtime issues.

For every 3 months, I get one to three at most issues of downtime, vs. Spidigo where I have more than 10 issues in not even 2 months. Further regrets on paying more than 6 times to Spidigo. I think the issue and problem lies with the hardware and technology of using stations setup at unmanned residential complexes as gateways. You need permission to go up to check things, unlock the flat's top floor,etc. - and rely on their infrastructure (third party).

With BSNL, the wiring is underground, so unless they plan to dig your house lane or the ground (which is not frequent), your connectivity remains great.

For me based on my past issues with ICENET and IQUARA (years n years ago), using similar technology as Spidigo (not completely the same but fundamentals remaining constant), I would back BSNL. With the fact that BSNL is now working on 3G Spectrum and WiMax, BSNL is the bandwidth provider for ICENET/Youtelecom, as well as Spidigo, etc - it makes more sense to invest in BSNL.

Of course, remember dont expect the nicest people on the telephone and don't expect 24x7 support. But based on how private companies fail to deliver their services for paying more (so they say), BSNL still comes out as value for money.

hello all internet seekar, join orkut community name is "SPiDiGO"

Hello frnds...!
I read all the posts closely and with great detail... and i v reached to the conclusion that its a pure gamble going for the Spidigo Internet Connection...
I currently use YOU TElecom Internet Connection and i am more than happy with its service, connectivity and speed. everything is just perfect. bt shifting to my new house, i was wondering if i could get a bit more technosavvy and get myself a wireless internet connection... bt i guess its nt the right time to get that advanced...
Pls advice me...!

@devershri patel....
u said u r using youtel net...... well den lemme tell u dat dis net was d worst ever used by me....
i am currently using spidigo net frm around 4-5 months and its services r unmatchable...............
good news is dat der website which was under repairs is now fully available......so u cankindly check any queries u hav.....
also u can contact d customer care using d site.......

Based on the english, I wouldnt be surprised if you are connected with Spidigo. I have recently realised that Spidigo staff members are replying here as well under false pretext.

Though I must say Icenet/Youtele was terrible 4+ years ago, I must say Spidigo is equally on par. The only difference is support ends up being faster, people come to your place day or night - I had someone come home at 11:00PM once to fix issues - however, both systems / companies fail to deliver hardware that is tested outside a fixed range.

They set you up, then they find issues and tell you they need new hardware. All of this should be pre-tested and known before they come to sell you a product.

Remember, I gave an excellent review after 1 month when I was satisfied, however after that I realised reality just isnt 1 month ..its more...2nd month has been nothing but ice...

I have my BSNL connection on the side when I need it. I feel smart not cancelling BSNL when I switched to Spidigo, since now switching back wil be less painful. Though I still rub my eyes on paying for a dedicated IP and all sorts of 2Mbps unlimited packages per month.


Dear all
I have a enough space to install a new tower in chandlodia area.

I want to give my roof on lease or rent to set up tower on this if you are interest than tell me as earlier as possible my address & place where setup tower
Rajesh Kumar
24,anmol society Opp.Lake Chandlodia Ahmedabad Gujarat.

if you are happy with you telecom, den u'd rather buy a wireless router which comes for about 1500 rupees and create a wireless connection yourself using the same service.
it's not really worth it if you shift to spidigo just for the wireless clause. they aren't upto it yet.

also, i'd suggest you check out the airtel schemes if they'r available in your area. really good deals out there and they provide a wireless router also.

Agreed. Airtel is about Rs.500 to 1000 less costly than Spidigo (in the higher packages). Compare the 2Mbps plan for instance. Airtel at 2999 vs. 3999 with Spidigo. Airtel/Bharti is a public limited listed company which has been delivering high quality service (not talking about support though).

They're areas are limited and they use under ground cables (so Ive heard) but it makes sense long term since they dont get affected by weather changes in the air (I doubt we're in for a repeat 2000 earth quake).

i have just taken the connection in the satelite area and all above comments are correct this service is not worth paying for..........we have to find some other better wireless net service .....please think twice before taking one........


Thanks Rahul... i ll better stick with my YOU telecom connection...!

it is shameful to put such a tower on hospital complexes, where u have put without permission of the complex. In this complex this has created threat to the people as in complex ICU , various procedure and life saving instrument oxygen r there. We r proceduing for some legal action meanwhile if something happens to patients such people r responsible and if u owner do not have come to notice this kindly take note that and now onward pl stop ur people from putting it on to hospitals

Can someone confirm this please? I have not heard of this and believe this may be UNTRUE. Though I have been giving alot of heat to Spidigo this month, I find this accusation very worrying. Is there truth here? If so, is there any proof of danger to the patients? I dont think the technology being used should interfere with the instruments/systems at a hospital. However, I find it alarming that hospitals are setting up internet stations for other users (gateway). I do find that worrisome.

Well i was palnning to take SPIDIGO connection at my place, but after reading conversation of you all, i decide to not to take a risk of a new thing.

Thanks to all of you.

I am sorry, I won't take risk of this new thing.

I am from Ahmedabad, Lets first see its connectivity in long time, then will decide whether or not to go for.

I live near Airport, Opp. THE GATEWAY HOTEL (formerly Taj Residency Ummed). That falls in somewhat outskirts of Ahmedabad.

Am completely unsure whether or not they have services in that area, if anyone using Spidigo in that area, please give some feedbacks / reviews.

Deep S

well, i reside at bopal and unfortunately, there is NO option available, hence i would take this risk :) since its volume based plan of 1 GB per month is cheaper and closer to bsnl charges. as such i just need it for home use, mail checking etc..
service should start in next 3-4 days. will keep share experiences soon.

Dear Friends,
The service can be good or bad, but the managment working is very very bad. It can throw employees any time. It is kind of gundaraj. Trust me I have my frnds working with the company and one of them have to leave coz he had to tak leave for couple of days for personal function. Is this right? Spidigo is not a good place to work

Some Broadband conacation Requirement for B/H. Ahmedabad Muncipal Corporation
Nr. Khamasha. Ahmedabad.380001
Contact:- 9824324452

Though im a bit busy..feel free to contact me at shivam@india.hn . My overall review and rating is 4 star. The first month though I had a downtime of around 16-18 hours, the rest of the 30 days were perfect (16-18 hours over a span of days).

The second month has been uneventful (thankfully) with good speed and uptime. Im using a 2MBps connection (256 on the download) and get appx 210-240 steady link, which is just fine according to me.

They offered me a competitive rate vs. Airtel Broadband and am happy with their services. Support is a tid bit slow and the support helpline can be a nightmare. I suggest always contacting your account manager or the installation team that came initally to install for you since they know your area best, and not the call center.

People like Pankaj & Vishal (Spidigo) have been constantly helpful and resourceful. The tech team that comes for installation are extremely polite. There are issues using Vista & Windows 7, however users using XP and Mac OS seem to have no issues with connectivity and installation.

I generally get cursed writing good reviews..so I expect a problem soon..but till then I guess my opinion as of now is Spidigo is a good provider.

I feel the only drawback is that you need to purchase the bullet system since the wifi signal without it is too low to access anything (which I think is a rip off) since I'd like to travel in my car using my spidigo connection, which is clearly not possible. If they could manage a better wifi signal and use technology (N draft) & setup more nodes around town, wireless access it the moving car, or while walking down the streets would be beneficial since almost everyone has a cellphone and more than 40% of them have wi-fi on them.

Please note that admin/moderators may remove this above posting since my 2nd month has been disasterous. I would like to point out that I was way to early giving a review after one month, and apologize to anyone who took a connection based on my review and had a bad experience. I am not responsible in my feedback in anyway to you (the customer) or the company and am putting down my issues and my problems and my review/feedback based on the treatment.

We can understand your frustration. There is one small ISP d2v (digital to Virtual ISP) on CG Road and giving good service who needs dedicated connectivity.

I have good experience since last four year.

Any one has experience of SPIDIGO near the Shreyas Foundation.


@ gaurang
i hav taken spidigo in ambawadi and i must admit dat der services are marvellous....
der are 2 towers in a span of 3-4km

so dont worry abt d speed or connectivity....

so far so gud....
i will rate it at 5/5

hope dis of ssum help 2 you

Thanks for sparing time to comment on this. It will help other visitors who are looking for a review of Spidigo.

keep it coming...

2 Towers in a span of 3-4kms. I find that interesting since as far as I know, that your location needs to be witing a KM or 2 KM's max of the location. The signal will be unable to reach a distance of 3-4 Kms assuming that it is going from UPwards to downwars and back upwards (inbound and outbound) from your bullet / nano to the tower station. That is why most locations have a base station/gateway setup within a radius of 1Km.

Our base station is a high rise appartment which is inside 1 Km from our society, however signal strentgh is weak (the best I have seen is a signal DBI around -65). I was told that anything above -70 is BAD. There is almost no chance at a radius of 2Kms youd be able to catch anything better than a -75 (which is unacceptable).

Then again if you are limited to 256Kbps or 128Kbps that might be okay since a 2MBs diseperse would probably become around that by the time it reaches you at a 2KM range.

However, though I am not as technical as many seniors, I do know my networking (for that matter I fixed temporarily an outage I had at night around 1AM by manually configuring the bullet, in the morning they came to permanently fix it which was more temporary that my fix).

I would think that a 2KM-4KM radius signal is not possible, though I still give a 5% chance against my knowledge on singnal channel and direction.

If there is a networking savvy person who can support the original posters claims please do so, but then again based on what I know - it is highly unlikely you can fetch a good signal knowing that there would be around 50 other connection users taking bandwidth from that same setup


I had requested demo from spidigo and their sales person gave me a demo for 10 to 15 minutes.

Due to improper device it was loosing connectivity.

I hope to get demo again in couple of days with new proper instrument.

There are two wi-fi spots near to my house in 500 mtr radius. Is it okay?


ya i think dat dis would do.........
i hav got 1 tower at a radius of approx 600-700m and d connectivity is gud....


I am still waiting for demo. Initially they have given with NANO Station. It was loosing connectivity after three to four minute.

I am waiting for demo on BULLET with antena. (It's more than one week of demo of NANO Staion.) I think they don't have stock of BULLET yet.

Exact same issue as mentioned by Gaurang. Started with Nano, went to Bullet...and then alot of dirty work and repairs. Even after my last post I had a downtime of 2 hours (got a call saying they had issues at backend which got solved). Now Im not even getting my allocated bandwidth. Im not complaining since Ill not be renewing next month, just letting the days go by and then give everything back. They didn't even make a follow up call. I expected theyd call back and ask what happened and if we can help you or about compenstation. Heartless.

Great presales...
Post sales...woes...
Give one good feedback, and get cursed the rest of your time :(

Anyone who says theyve had great service, have failed to use the internet more than a few hours aday. I have my connection 24x7 (Being in the IT business), and I can give you a long list of issues.

Nowstock is awailable if u want to connection so please calll on 9898952920.

Hello Anil,
What is nowstock?
Can you please provide more information about it??

600m connectivity is good. I read someone talking about two tower signals in a radius of 3-4KMs being good. I doubt the 3-4 KM distance singnal is accessible to him, however I will refrain from accusing him for misleading information though I doubt it.

600m is nearly my distance from the appt. handling our signal. we get a very on average singal strength. Very near the border line of average.

Then again, I feel better hardware should be installed at both ends. The last time they came to me, they told me new hardware was setup at my point of origin. This should explain some of the issues, but not all.

Just after I posted my earlier update things have begun to go really really bad. The same day I posted the above review, by evening I had lost 12 hours of connectivity. The week after I lost more than 24 hours in 2 different locations. Recently in the last few days I have had network instability issues. I pay nearly 4000 Rs every month (2 months) for 2Mbps connectivity. Unfortunately their network is messed up (the locations for their setups and the frequency pickup is terrible). I paid additional for a dedicated IP and login issues later made it feel like money wasted. They dont seem to be ready to offer a refund, just please give us another chance (5 chances). 2 Days ago they came to fix stuff with a promise of no repeat issues, they spent 3 hours working to get my net speed stabilized. In the process I lost 3 hours. Today, I have speed issues again with variable under 1Mbps to 2Mbps.

I would suggest any spidigo signup users to avoid going with a high package unless your usage is not more than 4 hours a day (or else youll realise you dont get what you paid for). I run an IT business so I use every minute of my connection and see the variable changes, as well as downtime which has been frequent this month.

Once the reason was backend issues, the second time the electricity on one of the towers was out - either way if Im paying nearly 3000-4000 a month I expect uptime commitments, which sadly are bad.

Customer service of some people like Ramesh are excellent (Tech support on visit/duty), however others are so insulting they ask for money at every corner (going to my relatives place for money for a connection not even working), which later the project manager called and apologized to me personally.

Overall Im sorry about my earlier post and if it made people signup and then find themselves in a mess - since right now I see their mess and its a bad one.

Stick to BSNL Broadband...its value for money....SPIDIGO is a problem...Further their pricing is higher than Airtel Broadband which offers similar unlimited packages at 1000Rs. less. I would stick with a company like Bharti and pay Rs.500 more for a better feel support and uptime, than Rs.1000 on a company that fails to deliver.


I hope Spidigo can keep to their promise and provide better stable speed and uptime, and not make me call every few hours with complaints.

Unless I have fully satisfied this month end and next month, Im going back to BSNL Broadband.

Yes there should be a penalty for interrupted service. I like your comment, this should be implemented to make service more better and reliable. If it hits their pocket then they will make sure the service is uninterrupted. Can you ask them for Service Level Agreement?
HOWEVER ********************************

No one across the nation is ready to offer an SLA. Unlike the USA, UK,etc. Indian companies will avoid it because they clearly don't have the expertise. We have our own Hosting servers in USA with SLA Guarantees. However, companies here in India - especially ISP's dont offer SLA's because they dont have the expertise to setup backup or fail safe devices.

Eg. if one tower fails to deliver its signal due to an outage, the Bullet / router should be able to pick up or search the 2nd best signal and keep that going. This fails to happen here.

Further, one of the techs told me (I wanted a second install in Thaltej) that the tower / signal sender was limited to 2Mbps and since my connection was 2Mbps we could not get our allotment. How stupid is that? They should have tested and checked. Later they said the "upgraded bullets" were being ordered, so they couldnt install it - earlier they said they could.

I just hope I dont get a renewal call like last night, when they owe me 5 days additional connectivity for the downtime and loss of network (and backend issues) - they should be calling to apologize and saying we will do this. Instead I have to keep calling them and tell them I expect this and that.

The team is very re-active, and not at all pro-active which makes my 4000 + 3000+ 1500 (installation) + 220 device charge + 2000 Dedicated IP seem VERY VERY EXPRENSIVE!

well it was ur fault dat u took such a plan.........i hav a plan whose cost is less dan half ur price and still hav got 2 gb download limit wid 2mbps speed wid me getting router device and installation free.....
so u shld hav been careful while selecting ur plan.......u cannot blame dem 4 ur mistakes....

Of course I can. Now with your information I can rightfully call them thieves! Im sure everyone (except for them) will agree. Though my plans an UNLIMITED PLAN for your information.

So are you working for them?

For a demo they took two weeks, what you can expect for their services.

i never said dat i get conectivity frm 3-4 km away........
all i said was dat dey claim dat dey hav fixed 2 towers around in 3-4km area so dat d whole city gets covered......i am writing wad d tec told me......
i get my conectivity frm d next building onli...........and hence my conectivity is always full.....

last week i got spidigo connection, pretty impressed with the prompt services. They actual offer unrestricted download with actual committed speed. I never image that India can see such fast development on technology front.
I closely know one MR agency and they informed me that spidigo has got the highest subscriber in last 2 months. I personal want to thank entire spidigo team for providing such a fantastic services.
I will give 4.5 out of 5.

LOL. Oh really? which area did you get your connection? How about some more details rather than just 4.5/5.0 and great stuff. I mean, let us know where you had your setup and how far the tower was. By the way what speeds are you paying for 128kbps or 256kbps or more? whats your avg. download speed (that will let us know what speed you really get - effective).

Im envious, becaue they gave me a free 12 added trial for the downtimes caused and last 2 days ive had downtime for more than 8 hours, and i havent called them back cuz im just sick of them. I have paid for a dedicated ip and the only way to connect to the net can you believe it is by removing the dedicated ip from my TCP/IP settings, and going with auto detect. Last 2 days, i keep getting a message that someone else is using the IP on the network.

You are surely lucky. Hopefully your review continues on a positive note. Their support team is quick to find temporary solutions (minus the hour of headache in a daay)...but repeat the same.

A few days ago the tech said the hardware was probably faulty and said Pankaj (project mgr) would get back to me but not even one follow up call to ask how are your services now and hows the uptime,etc.

Oh well..7 days to go and then back to BSNL Broadband....


The spidigo services are absolutely pathetic and the customer care is equally bad.

I have this connection for 4 months. It has been working on and off; but i didnt care much because i had other connections too. Now it has been 15 days the connectivity is down.

No support.

I have put request for disconnection and refund..

Still no answer from their side..

can any one tell me if i can complain to TRAI or consumer forum.

I will request others not to buy this and existing users to shun this before you are in trouble.


Visit their Office

its on SG Highway a Parshwa Tower nr Pakwan 2

barge their door and loudly complain every to everyone you meet on the way.

Do it and youll get immediate results, i've done it twiceFU

hello,Mital & All ,
I M Working With Spidigo and Lates News is maninagar open to sale in few days
then any one quary or inquary contact me me and me

Contact : 9227775888


Hi Rehman I stay close to Maninagar and my house is open for lease or rent for Spidigo tower also got little bit confused about ISP's, previously had BSNL broadband but due to there bad customer support I decided to move to other option so wanna have Spidigo connection what u guys suggest? Please let me know....

Any One want Spidigo Broadband Call Me I m Working with spidigo Internet company since 6 month i have given you 100% good service. Number 9898952920

Any one Want Tata (VSNL)BroadBand Contact ME.

I Gvn You Disscount


I am having unlimited 256kbps with bonus speed which means ideally i should have 300kbps. I am a web developer & using net day & night. I am having lots of problem using spidigo connection. I am using connection since 19th Nov 09 & almost every second day I have to call their employee / customer care. They changed equipment 2 times but nothing positive yet. It seems that they are new & don't have good technical staff / technology which can handle growing customer base in ahmedabad.

In City Area B/h, Ahmeabad Muncipal Corporations. 9016123091

The sales executives of spidigo company is lier and cheater. They give you big big promises while taking a connection and when u call them for anything they simply refused from their promises.

First they force us to take a long duration plans and promise us that we can change plan anytime, then once we want to change the plan they refused us. Specially when the plan is in the lower price.

I have been given plan like 256 kpbs unlimited at rs 4050/- and after a month they introduced new plan like 256kpbs daytime and 512 kpbs night time unlimited usage for rs 2700/- only :). but as an existing customer, I can not change our plan to this new one. :) :). They simply refused from the promise of their executive.
Even executive or customer care on one is ready to accept the fact that they have promised.

This is just showing that how a customer is being fooled by spidigo.

I would like to request all reader that please make written note on spidigo's letter pad for all the promises made by their sales executive otherwise no one will hear you.

Thanks for reading

I got spidigo connection about one month ago... at first 15 days everything was fine then the connection started disconnecting on daily basis and no permanent solution from spidigo. their no. is busy all the times. As i know a thing or two about comp. the main problem is in their low quality bullet device and its tiny antenna.. and also the not so good configuration ans settings of router bullwt device by the installation personnel.. I am just running it ok becoz of my config.. but still I often get disconnected and very fluctuatuing speeds... also the ping is too high so i am like unable to play any online game lyk cod4 as i game on a regular basis..

same problem i am facing

Hi there,

My name is Pratyay Modi and i am a thired year BCA Student working as a trainee web developer.

I am currently using Spidigo and i agree with you that they are the worst isp ever.

They came with a concept that seemed cool and it is cool they can give connection in a day but in downtime they can't handle it.

They don't have techies to solve your problem, every time an executive comes at my place and shows me sppedtest.net. They have to pay to some one too.. thats true because they had only 125 MB of bandwidth which they used 124MB for connections.

Idiots don't even have a toll free customer care, which is either busy or keeps ringing.

I have been at their office twice and they gave me 15 days extension for free.

these people are cheats ...i thought i was the only person who was facing the problem. But now i figured it out that there are probably hundreds of people across the city who have the same issue. The WORST ISP EVER. after reading soo much of abuses about he company the owner should close such a shame company. they lie telling you that the company is USA based. Wifi never works not in my laptop aswell as my phone.I download Data worth 10's of GB, now you can figure it out what my condition would have been. I want people to stand beside me. LETS RAISE OUR VOICE. Enough issues we have faced. Lets get a complain registered in comsumer protection forum. Who's with me..??

Please have a look at this link before paying anything to SPIDIGO


They are just cheater

This All is pre-planing from other competitor company because Spidigo Cracked they's Customer & We are Reach 10000 customer Base in last 5 Months.

all are bastards at Spidigo. Network follows......

get the spidigo connection, you do not need an ass to fuck yourself...

i m very satisfid wth spidigo connection.and my sales person is also very coprativ.(mobil 8905105685)

Thanks buddy.
I was thinking to move spidigo from TATA. But now I change my mind.

download speed is mind blowing at night ist break recd of bsnl reliance and tata
use spidigo now make future tommorw

The most pathetic services i have ever seen,i am using it since last 7 months and during this period i made as many as 40 calls to customer service related to connectivity but of no use.Every time they give the same bloody excuses.IT SUCKS....

i m living in ghatlodiya
and i wish to take spidigo connection in next days
is it available here?
which are the rates for 6 month ulimited pack and 1 year unlimited pack?
please guide me

If U want Best After Sales Service Please Call On 9898952920 & Talk With Mr Anil Patel

Whenever I tried to reach customer support, they (HE – I think there was only one person) responded with the only answer : let me check out your connection and I will call you soon. Believe me, I never got a call from there side.

And the worst case happened 2 weeks

I am staying in thaltej area, nr. the new cambay grand hotel, gulab tower road.

I am staying on 10th floor.

I am planning to buy spidigo connection along with their wi-fi router in order to use my laptop anywhere in my home.

Can any body suggest me that should I go with or not, considering the area where I am staying, will I get proper signal strength.

Also since I am staying on 10th floor and planning to use wi-fi router, will be performance be degraded since I am staying at 10th floor.

Please I will be waiting for comments from you guys.

In your laptop wi-fi check out the current wi-fi spots (SSID) and try to connect with SPIDIGO. If you are able to connect and view the spidigo webpage in your web browser you may not need any router. Just you can connect with your laptop without any device. First you should try from your galleries, where signal strength may be little better.

If u Want Spidigo Connection Please Call Anil Patel- 9898952920

yes dear u will definately subscribe this service, in gulab tower area we have good connectivity...just send me ur address on hmaths23@yahoo.co.in

After 5 months and having spent more than few thousand bucks on phone calls to Spidigo, I have asked for Full Refund.

If I do not get it, I will lodge a complain in the Consumer Court. I will also forward this horrifying experience to leading ISPs of India (like Reliance, Airtel, You Telecom, Tata, Blazenet etc.) with necessary documentary evidences. I have records of all phone calls made to customer support and the visits of Spidigo's engineers. I have a list of top 500 corporate companies of Gujarat. I will not hesitate to mail them all.

My telephonic help is available to one & all 24 x 7. I will also publish this entire experience in local newspapers like Times of India, Indian Express, Gujarat Samachar, Divya Bhaskar, Sandesh etc. I will also forward this story to India’s leading Channel magazines / ISP magazines.

Let's start a “HATE SPIDIGO” blog on Orkut & Face book.

Together, let us leave no stone unturned to tarnish the name/reputation of Spidigo.

For further help, mail / call me.

I don't think you will get any refund from them. They will just mention that it's not in their COMPANY POLICY. Even I got too frustrated when I spent lot of money calling the customer care and they just simply didn't do anything useful for me.
And ya, regarding publishing this in media, it was already given a full page coverage in AM full of hate comments.

I thought they might have improved their service after such a harsh critic from everyone but I guess there is no difference even after 2 years.

Guys going with Spidigo, Jump at your own risk !!!

As u say I also hate speedigo,I have read your grivances and can understand
harrassment suffered by you because I have also facing bad time with this "SLOWLYGO".low bandwidth and poor connectivity is very common with this connection.As you I have also demanded refund for my money but they said we are helpless to do so.If you are ready to make complaint against I m also ready to support you.
thanx for providing me such platform to convey my message to you dear.

Thanks to all of you. I was really planning for spidigo. I am living at Maninagar. But now I will not go for it. Thanks again for the same.

customer care is really careless,I have called them for complain regardind slow speed but always they replied our engineer is on the way.I m still waiting for the person I think he is also as slow as their connection speed.my complain is still pending and m cursing myself for my decision to choose this service.

i am completely agree with last comment,
i faced the same prob, they told u that engineer is coming at ur place to see the prob and after 4-5 days he reached at ur place and ask for problem, and this only happen once for all the other time they just keep saying that engineer is on way.....
so never never never get a spidigo connection....

what a service spidigo provide....
when u face any problem and call customer care then they will send a technical person at ur place "WHO NEVER COMES", if u call again then they will reply the same and still u have to wait for engineer, and after ur plan gets over they will call u and ask "sir, dont u want to reactivate ur account?", and if u ask that why ur technical person hasn't arrived then they will tell u that he is still on way."can any one tell me who is slower then turtle", because that must be spidigo's engineer.
and u r running with plan like 512 kbps then it promissing speed is more then 000 kbps. and if u say then that serve us first then we will reactivate ur plan then they reply that "sure sir, we will do that OUR TECHNICAL PERSON IS ON WAY", who never comes and after 2 days they call u again for reactivate ur plan...
what a service they are providing, they will keep calling u until u reactivate ur plan or say then to deactivate ur connection.

what a service man...
isnt it world best.....

Similar issues with me. They made the same sales pitch during a week of outage. Would never recommend them. They called me for a free trial for the woes but never came back with that either. Rather they said renew and youll get few free days. Makes no sense when the last week or two were out (this was about 3 months ago). I already terminated and changed providers.

Use TATA PHOTON + its worth it :)

what a fucking service spidigo provide...
i must recommend u to use fucking spidigo service, it will teach u a lot...
u never complain about the other service is worst, because once u use spdigo no other service in world is worst then this.

and i am surprise that spidigo's this thing is considered under tag "SERVICE"

and if so then we need to change DEFINITION of SERVICE.




Due to absolutely poor service of SPIDIGO, I had discontinued the service eight months back.

I was assured a refund of money but still to receive it. They actually don't listen to you..

Can we all come together to get the refund???


I would recommend to go for Tikona. Tikona is a new ISP & has applied for PAN India License. It has already covered major areas of Ahmedabad, but still not started promoting themselves as they believe to set up the network in entire Ahmedabad & then, go for marketing in big scale. At present, they are into direct marketing only & you would not find any ad of Tikona at any place. The rates are better than Spidigo and again, you are not required to pay lumpsum amount in advance and get stuck with one service provider. Initially, they only charge Rs. 500/- installation charge irrespective of the plan & before installation, they will give a demo with speed test at your home/office. Call on +91-9898909199 for plan details & subscription.

Spidigo are the biggest crooks in town. We are coming up with one the largest hospitals in Gujarat. (Start next month). We have refused Spidigo as a partner. I have personally had terrible experiences. I would be more than happy to convince / prove that Spidigo should not be taken at all. Forget the savings - when you look at the downtime. After months they came to take their device off my roof. I let them go up and get rid of it (though they have not credited or refunded the 7 day downtime of my last renewal months ago). They promised a free trial as well and never showed up. The biggest corporate thieves I have seen. Not once have they called to apologize or anyone who seems to really care about the customer. They are purely a corrupt corporation out to steal money. Wait till a corporate lawsuit goes up on them. Promoters can be expected in jail or at least under heavy legal pressure.

One of my IT Staff members worked with Spidigos tech team (night time) or so he said - "Mr. Anil Chavda" . He left them in a week after realizing they were corrupt (he's now working in Rajkot I believe).

Another incident is todays..the roof top team came to remove the connection (new name for them) ...which was removed months ago. For that matter I cancelled my residence connection more than 4-5 months ago. Those unprofessional guys should be sued left right and center. They took my device months ago and now expect it to be lying on my roof?

I would like their boss to contact me as soon as possible (owner) so I can get my refund for the last week and the time wasted calling me (I run an IT software company and lead the IT department for a hospital in town).

I would never never ever recommend Spidigo UNLESS their CEO or Chairman took a flight to my house and apologized or got me atleast a 6 month free connection with not more than 5% downtime (95% Uptime SLA is easy to manage).

Thats the only time I would ever change my stand on the company.

I hope the CEO/Chairman comes across this. Ethical people would have called their customers by now.

The MOST Ethical company I have seen is DOMINOS PIZZA... they call me up within a few hours max on any complaints (through their online feedback form. Though I have had issues in the past - I would invest in the Dominos brand / company since they actually care about the customer - unlike Spidigo.

No matter how their management changes, and who gets replaced - theyre ethics are the worst I have ever seen.

I believe the Times of India covered a very big article on them a few months ago regarding their poor service. They have been trying to get tie up with colleges in order to promote the brand.

Students are signing up and then after a few weeks complaining on loss of signals and downtime during the nights especially. No support staff ready to fix things at night...college and studies in the day time..friends in the evening..

Suddenly Spidi--Please--Go...

Or Call and apologize and PROVE ME WRONG and give me a 6 month connection and make me say - SPIDI-BACK.

The guys at spidigo should be able to get my number based on my name in the blog post.

i took a pakage which states 256 kbps dAY BUT gives me 27 or 28 kbps...daytime AND IN NIGHT INSTED OF 384KBPS JUST 40 KBPS....


Qasim - downloadspeeds are divided by 8 of the allocation you paid for.

256 kbps is effectively a download speed of 256/8 = 30-35 KB/s.

http://www.speedtest.net/ will give you better details.

I doubt spidigo is the bad guy on this Unless you are actually getting a download speed of not more than 4KB/s in which case thats a big problem.


guys i took new connection 2 days back i had taken demo as i read all comments .. when i was given demo i was satesfied but after all procedures when i have taken the connection there is problem in coverage and i called tech person twice the person who came last told his boss . they came with an conclusion that its better to take the connection off the are not ready to accept it their tower has a problem ..the main tower is just 400 mts away from my house.i leave in shivranjani area and i m getting tower of prime. i m really fedup and calling tech again and again a really feel ashamed .. and the main thing is that i have disconnected my bsnl... connection . they are also not rying to install new sydum which helps in enhancing coverage. nore changing position of it towards me. really it sucks... still waiting for complete solution...

i feel instead of this tickano is a good service...


guys i took new connection 2 days back i had taken demo as i read all comments .. when i was given demo i was satesfied but after all procedures when i have taken the connection there is problem in coverage and i called tech person twice the person who came last told his boss . they came with an conclusion that its better to take the connection off the are not ready to accept it their tower has a problem ..the main tower is just 400 mts away from my house.i leave in shivranjani area and i m getting tower of prime. i m really fedup and calling tech again and again a really feel ashamed .. and the main thing is that i have disconnected my bsnl... connection . they are also not rying to install new sydum which helps in enhancing coverage. nore changing position of it towards me. really it sucks... still waiting for complete solution...

i feel instead of this tickano is a good service...

Well from my personal experience about Broadband well for Broadband go for Tata,Tikona,Airtel,BSNL all are really good because the technology they adapt is good and their backbone is also good and even service is good except BSNL as you know its govt.service so less trained staff.
1) But as CE Engg more shocking thing for me was none of the ISP have technician which can deal with problems linux or you can say other then Microsoft Operating Systems.

2) @ SPIDIGO :- According to Trai the have Norms are Min 256 kbps and how can you offer a plan of 128 kbps?? so try not to cheat the customers who don't know all these....

1.0 Broadband connectivity:

Keeping in view the present status, Broadband connectivity is defined at present as

“An ‘always-on' data connection that is able to support interactive services including Internet access and has the capability of the minimum download speed of 256 kilo bits per second (kbps) to an individual subscriber from the Point Of Presence (POP) of the service provider intending to provide Broadband service where multiple such individual Broadband connections are aggregated and the subscriber is able to access these interactive services including the Internet through this POP. The interactive services will exclude any services for which a separate licence is specifically required, for example, real-time voice transmission, except to the extent that it is presently permitted under ISP licence with Internet Telephony.”

If u Requirement Spidigo Internet Connection Call.....9904796843

i checked spidigo connection at my friend`s home and also read many comments on net. it seems service sucks...also i found that their demo and technical persons dont have enough knowledge abt service and internet configuration. they freq. call office for support. However, their price is lower than others....but what abt speed and quality of service.
If they dont provide service and good speed, their plans will be useless...

From their conditions:
"Chandra Net does not take any responsibility whatsoever for any interruption caused by the quality of these links and no claim for damages or any other liability whatsoever will be entertained by Chandra Net either from the Associate or from the Customer or anyone else in this regard.".

They have all pre-paid plans means they take all money from u at once, but in their terms and conditions ,they did not mention of discontinuation of pre-paid plans....



well this seems like an anti spidigo blog to me. i have taken up new connection with day 384 and night 512 speed ul for 3600 at thaltej from around a month, the speeds are consistent until now. I did face a network problem when the connection was lost for more than 4 hours on sunday. I also called customer care and was told that whole ahmedabad is facing the problem, but contradicting of what others have said. after the network was working i got acall back from customer care to confirm that my connections was working. Until now the connectivity is vv good. Lets c if me too get problems like most people on this page.

Mittal, you put me in such a dilemma,

I was so happy to see this service being provided but now you have ruined it for me ;p

I guess you should try it out once for a month and see how does it work in your area... You might get better service than others...
And if you also end up with horrible experience than you can write back that my blog was Eye Opener :D

Well..all comments above are true..
but saying straight from the heart, Spidigo has improved a lot in last 4-5 months and I havent any problem with it..
It has became better specially from oct'09 and I think now it's good to choose as it's also cost-effective and improving..
but I really dont know much about tikona and YOu Telecome..so confused..
So whether I should renew Spidigo which is going well or go for Tikona or You Telecome..??

Following is the incident happen with me.

I have purchased 6 months plan in October it expires in February 28.

But they have suspended my Account on January 8th. When i call to customer care no one answering properly all are says my senior will contact you.. But Till date i am waiting for their call. My Internet is currently not working. Their Service is poor and customer care you can think (:

The Worst Customer Service I have ever seen. People in the call center using abuse words.

I have buy a Plan in Octover 2010 Which Expires on February 28 2011. But They have suspend my account @ Jan 8 2011. I have register complain about the same. I have make around 12 call to their customer center. No one replying properly. Everyone one putting phone on hold or just disconnect it without answer.

I think they have made more customer, Now they are not putting any concentration on quality.

Don't Think About Spidigo

Dear Friends,

I am using Spidigo connection from last one year and more and i have taken Revolution 256kbps pland (512kbps at day time and 1mbps at night time).

When I took connection there are very few service providers there such as BSNL, TATA & Spidigo, BSNL has so much issues for giving connection and TATA does not have good speed so I choose the Spidigo in the month of December'09 or January'10.

I was very much satisfied with the speed, support service, cost, etc and I recommenf to my other 7 - 9 friends for the same and they also took the connection of Spidigo.

Then real disasters start from September' 2010. I did not get downloading speed, upload speed is too low although Spidigo Station tower is about 40meters away from my home.

Same thing happens with my all other friends.

I repeatedly calls to their customer care executives, service engineers, senior service engineers but till today my complaint is stil not resolved.

In morning time (7am - 10am) i get good speed but after 10am and even in night i did not get enough speed, as speed variation is too much, such as my Download speed is 439kbps - upload speed is 32kbps, what the hell....

I call them so many times, engineers visits everyday but they cant solve my complaint.

Even i have emailed to its senior technical officer but no replies to my mails, so that means senior management is not interested to contact the customer about complaint or resolving or status of complaint.

Lately then said my wi-fi router have problems so I changed my router, but problem is same.

Too much latency,,, when i ping www.google.com, latency is 2045ms, 3026ms, 1894ms..

I must admire that Spidigo is good at service, i.e. service engineer will reach your place, commitment of servicing personnel are good. But maturity and understanding with equipments, technology and radio frequency is not as required that is not the problem of service engineers as they are doing very hard and good work for company.

Management is also not interested in improvement of service engineers or infrastructure such as station towers, as each station tower has its capability and more customers, efficiency goes down, speed down...

I will think ten times before renewing my connection as my connection is going to expire on this 27th Jan 2011.

My all other friends are also not interested to renew their connections.

hello mittalpatel,
i have want to subscribe spidigo revolution plan so @ day 512 kbps & @nigth 768 kbps. unlimited plan 3600 rs for 7 month.

so can u tell me what the actual download speed i got at day and at night???????????

Dear all,

Not even think of spidigo. THEY ARE REAL CHEATERS. They dont give speed what they committed or what u paid for... your speed always half or less than your plan....their customer service and engineers are very smart to making fool to people....their customer management is really sucks....Their aim is to increase users and give internet service (but at very less speed).......

So better to go for other isp if u really need speed for what u have paid for.....


i am having problem from the first day, before a week. at morning speed is ok but after noon very slow.

Guys , Spidigo really sucks....

First of all its operation incharge in ahmedabad mr. nakul mittal phone numbers... 9687637438 and 8511150752 is big cheat always making false commitments...... of course his good for the company as he generates revenue... but for the customers who needs service...he is big cheats..of course he has some chamchas... who will try to write good about him..but i hjave experienced him time and again.... and he is biggest cheat.... and his associates are also cheat... dont trust spidigo and its services... and i would like to know i was once part of spidigo..but due to my ethics i left it as its a cheat...i dont blame company...but its management at the grassroot level ...thats at the customer end is the cheatest of the lot./...

sabse bhangar service dont go this brodaband service

last few day i complain again n angain at spidigo customer care two time one service man came at home some theotyculy change but yet not getting solution... i sugest frnd never connect with spidigo anymore...

the spidigo service is realy very bed and useless serives this service is totaly time west and money west so plz plz plz no one can connect with this service


Well, I am staying in Thaltej and I have a 512kbps/1mpbs...day/night connection. I get very bad download speeds. I have tested a lot on websites like http://www.speedtestnet/ and others...I get 342 kbps Download over there during the day. I have an iBall - iBaton WRX150N Router connected to it. The head of Thaltej area came to setup this. I think this is due to some disturbances between the transmitter of SPiDiGO and the Receiver I have on the roof of my bungalow. Well, I think that SPiDiGO has no problem but people, who have their house far away from the transmitter (like me) are having problem. I have loads of friends who have SPiDiGO connection in their homes and 75% are satisfied but 25% aren't. I have no high building around my house, then also this happens. How can I get the transmitter in front of my house?! Download speed are good at night but I really hate the 24Online Client. I have to login each time I try to enter the web. I persuaded my parents to buy SPiDiGO connection because Airtel (THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!) din't have it's line coming till my house. It is exactly 1 km away from my house. I am a person who downloads Torrents ( like movies, games, softwares, etc.) all the time. I need good speeds!!! I want a better Broadband..!! I hate SPiDiGO because they transmit packet data through air and not from the ground.

I am staying in bopal I have last 7 months use "Spidigo" Broadband connection,I get very bad download speeds.i complain again n again at spidigo customer care time service man came at home some theoretically change but yet not getting solution... i suggest friend never connect with spidigo anymore...
actually getting a download speed of not more than 4KB/s in which case thats a big problem
the spidigo service is really very bed and useless services this service is totally time west and money west "Its only bad Show Piece in your home" I request to everybody pleassssssssssssssssss don't go with Spidigo.

I am staying in bopal I have last 7 months use "Spidigo" Broadband connection,I get very bad download speeds.i complain again n again at spidigo customer care time service man came at home some theoretically change but yet not getting solution... i suggest friend never connect with spidigo anymore...
actually getting a download speed of not more than 4KB/s in which case that's a big problem
the spidigo service is really very bed and useless services this service is totally time west and money west "Its only bad Show Piece in your home" I request to everybody pleassssssssssssssssss don't go with Spidigo.

In rainy season spidigo is disconnected nd some day speed is very low...so we complain spidigo ofice then finally spidigo engineer come at our home nd after some days same problem is created....nd one time u purchase spidigo then it will not return ur money..so, plz don't purches spidigo.....

In rainy season spidigo is disconnected nd some day speed is very low...so we complain spidigo ofice then finally spidigo engineer come at our home nd after some days same problem is created....nd one time u purchase spidigo then it will not return ur money..so, plz don't purches spidigo.....

hi, i want to talk with pro officer of spidigo(s.g. highway) so plz give me a any contact no or mail id. my mobile no. is 9426273078

please make your call center. wherever i call there for problem, i think only one person taking call & phone line always buys. Internet connectivity regularly down after some times even after solving problem by company's engineers.

If there was a way for all of us to take Spidigo to the consumers court, let us do it. Spidigo is a cheat company and they just do not listen to the customers complaint. They do not have manpower, they do not have investment to gear up their services and they just dont care.

Spidigo should not be allowed to operate specially as they are cheating customers with promises that they cannot deliver. Spidigo CEO should be selling vegetables on the streets of Amdabad as that is what he is fit for, since he cannot run a company.

Poor service. Customer care is very poor and they are used very ruff language. My internet is not working since 10 days and no one can come to my place to solve problem.

I was searching for a new broadband connection in Bakeri City, Vejalpur and guess what there were none except Spidigo, though I heard a lot of bad reviews, I asked them for a demo and they arranged one at home. Turns out their tower is right opposite my home and I own the terrace so their device cannot be tampered with or displaced since its a locked terrace.

In the demo I got speeds of 1mbps and opted for the 6 month plan. I have been using it "successfully" since the last few weeks and its given me no problems as such. Sometimes the connectivity does drop but you can't expect it to be like a wireline connection.

Overall I am satisfied with their service and connectivity. All you need to do is make sure their relay towers are close by and unobstructed only then will you get the promised speeds.

Speedi go is very good, I have 2 years of speedigo connection, Some people are thinking about that is it not good that your area wise problem But my experience from last 2 years it good service provider, may be some problem will happening in the electronics system but Overall I am satisfied with their service and connectivity
Good Speed and Good Service.


Spidigo is best ISP i've ever used.Who is complaining about Customer care???.I was having connectivity issue in monsoon thus i send an e-mail to their support and they solved my prob. in almost 4 hours.Later again i was having connectivity issue then called them and to be my surprise they came to my home in half hour and solved my prob.They have changed my bullet(white pipe like device on terrace) twice and also changer my poe without any extra charge.Then what do you expect more than this??

I am using Spidigo fr the last 1 year...it is okay..but the problem i get all the time is the connection just disappears from my wifi logo on my laptop..n then i have to switch it of and then on again to connect back to it...

the other problem is though they say i have 512kbps...still i have to wait for the videos to buffer on youtube...whereas my friend using bsnl with the same speed and anbother using reliance with the same speed have no buffering problems...why am i getting this problem.. For surfing spidigo is good but definitely no good for watchin videos online...

I was thinking of a change and i came across Tikona...can anyone please tell me something about Tikona internet connection.. How is tikona are they the same as spidigo or they are better as the person i am dealing for a connection says in my area tikona is better than spidigo, reliance and even airtel... but i wanna confirm if with you guys..
Pls help!

Why sales men are always lie in india?
Because they all guys are not trained and isp like tata,spidigo,tikona,reliance they don'thave person who has technical skill.they are concentrat on customer's pocket.if they will try to make good network stability,they will have longtime relation with customer.

Hi Mital,

I also heard a lot noise about spedigo bed service. Luckily, I never fall and or not bother to change my existing ISP which is i think good (you telecom). Any one who is starting with internet go and check youbroadband.in. In rates, they are cheaper then other provider (keeping service quality in mind).

About sales person, they are just doing dirty job for getting their wages but company should trained staff and more then them selves for providing better service.

Well, Its almost 1 and a half Year now till my last post, I still have Spidigo connection (upgraded to 1 Mbps UL), Speeds still seem ok(if not good), i do get around 1 Mbps speed for torrents. I think if you can tweak/tickle your networks cables a little you would not have problems in using this as it is in a very competitive price


I have been recently posted to Ahmedabad for my company Project. I had no clue about non-availability of Wireline ISP in this Maninagar area where I have taken a flat on Rent. Airtel/reliance/tata... no one has wireline in my society. Finally decided to go for Tikona. Service was installed on 12/07/12 at 7.30pm and by 11.30pm I decided to discontinue the service. WORST ISP!!!! even my Airtel 3G mobile internet has 10x better perpormance than their "2mbps broadband". Their Tower is clearly visible from my flat. Still I get 73% packet loss, 300 ping with Mumbai server, speed varying between 70kbps to 1.5 mbps( for few sec to max a min).. rest of the time no connectivity. Now the only other ISP available here is SPIDIGO and reading the reviews.. trust me.. I would prefer GPRS rather than SPIDIGO. Is ahmedabad so underdeveloped city?? I mean NO GOOD ISP in a region whose PIN CODE IS 8!!! Trying to get a flat in a diff area.. till then My Mobile 3G is all i got. cheers to airtel.

worsted ever seen internet connection, f**k f**k f**k....

Guys, I am residing in Ahmedabad and now relocating my home in ahmedabad itself. I have called up Spidigo for shifting process and I was shocked to know that I have to submit my new residential proof to their office and then I have to pay Rs. 500/- for that. Do you think that the shifting process for company really takes 500 Rs.???? I went to their office and asked to cancel my account. but they refused to refund. They said there is not refund policies. I would not recommend any one to go for Spidigo . I want to know what are the shifting charges for other ISP providers??

I am a SPIDIGO customer and I am very glad that I have service from world's NO 1 lier company. I have 1 mbps unlimited plan and it works superslow.. even vodafone 2G speeds are better in 3G dongle than spidigo.

for those who are planning to buy a Spidigo connection I want to request them that please dont buy it at all. I requested BSNL for broadband connection but they told me that we dont have any lines in your area and then in compulsion I bought spidigo. Buy a vodafone 3G 21 mbps dongle and try vodafone 2g plan in it. it gives best speed in less money otherwise buy BSNL broadband.



I am using Spidigo internet since 2 month it never work.
they change instrument two times but no result. When we call on 079-66199999 they take only complaints no reply. you can't talk with any senior people because they can't transfer call all we have to do is go to their office at S G Highway.
Worse thing is I paid for 6 month advance and they never reply I almost complained everyday but no result and no refund.

So Don't even think for Spidigo internet for ever.

Very sad to know that even after 6 years they aren't competent to provide good service yet. I wanted to give it a try again but I didn't as there were still bad reviews coming up. I guess my decision was right.
And yes, now they make you pay for minimum 6 months so once you make the payment you are trapped. They don't even do full refund if you disconnect the service. So many people are feeling cheated by this.

Be careful and always try demo at your place before selecting Spidigo.

yes mittal you are absolutely right.

Step 1. Call their customer Care. (Phone always Busy)
Step 2. Keep trying step 1 till you get through and talk to their rep.
Step 3. Explain the problem and register the complaint.
Step 4. Wait for a couple of days to see if they sort out the problem.
Step 5. If you receive a text msg saying your complaint has been resolved, call them and reopen the complaint. (Trust me... the complaint has not been resolved)
Step 6. Call them twice a day only to find out that The Great Engineers of Spidigo have been assigned to your complaint even though no one has shown up at your doorstep after 6 days while getting assurance that an engineer will definitely visit your home tomorrow.
Step 7. After being mentally harassed by the above steps for 10 days, go to their office at SG Highway. You'll find you're not alone. Yell whatever curse words you have in your mind while Spidigo employees assure you that your complaint will be handled immediately.
Step 8. Go celebrate with your family when the complaint does get actually resolved at the 12th day only to come back and find out that you now have a new complaint.
Step 9. Go to Step 1.

I have horrific experiences with Spidigo. This is my last term with them.

Thanks for taking time and writing such a nice and witty manual Akshar. I hope this will help many people out there.
At least, it will give them solace that they are not alone and they won't expect complaints to get resolved in couple of days (forget few hours). :D

Really perfect procedure you wrote..
They just making customers fool..
No one (employee) take responsibility for any kind of complaints..

Never go for Spidigo, below is my comment from 2 years back when I had just started using Spidigo. It ran only for one month after that for the next 5 months it went kaput every 2nd day I was tried of their pathetic service. I even went to their office to resolve issues but it ran well again for a great 2 days.


I m living in Ahmedabad at Ghatlodiya.
I have never use Any WiFi connection.Now I am planning to buy Spidigo 512 kbps because it has low cost and there r many Spidigo broadband around me.But after seeing this I don't think that I should buy Spidigo.But sometimes network is depends on area so should I buy Spidigo Broadband in Ghatlodiya..PLZ PLZ REPLY...

I have just got the connection from spidigo Yesterday and it was down this morning.I have dealt with MTNL too and the problem with these people is that they don't know how to set stuff up efficiently.I had problems with MTNL..set the settings my self and I never had problem...I just troubleshoot the connection today and now it works like charm....You just need to learn how to set stuff up from the router and your system ( There was a PDF from MTNL for it's employees to teach them how to set things up on the Net .Must try that).

I m using spidigo since last 6 or 7 years befor this I use tata airtel and bsnl all r worst bit spodi go my experience amazing with it im starting days some problems with there network after they install ed neno station 2 on the terrace .I face same pro speed issued and diaconnection after four engineera come and installed nenostation 5 on my tarrace now I m using 2 mbps day and 4 mbps night speed enery thing is prefect

Spidigo is worst in customer service.

Never get their connection.

Government should withdraw spidigo licence to of broadband. they have started harassment businesss instead of broadband services.
they all are nonqualified to service te broad band services.
I recommend others to not to buy spidigo connection
after 51 reminder also there is nobody who is willing to reply.and not even able to serve internet .. they just started loot in the market..

Hey Keyur,
I can feel what you have gone through! Today marked the 10th year of this blog post and it's really pitiful to find that users are still not being provided good services.

I hope, users will not fall for them now and suffer like you.

I have gone through the whole threads and feel that except digital marketing team from Spidigo, none of the users are satisfied with the service provider...Spidigo is simply pathetic...They do not have service desk and if you are stuck after payment then just forget their professionalism...they will ring you every five minutes for payment and when you are have given them payment then you are stuck...they are simply a bunch of professional looters...It is better to go for the worst service provider in the world i.e. BSNL than the looter Spidigo

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