Change your "Why Me?" thinking

Whenever something go wrong with us, we start cursing God for putting us in such a bad situation. We never forget to compalain "Why this happened to me God? Why Me Only?".
I don't think this is the right way to think when you get into some problems or miserable conditions.

Here is a small story I found which gives very true and nice message. I liked it very much so thought to share with you.

Arthur Ashe, the legendary Wimbledon player was dying of AIDS which he got due to infected blood he received during a heart surgery in 1983. From world over, he received letters from his fans, one of which conveyed: "Why does GOD have to select you for such a bad disease"?

To this Arthur Ashe replied: The world over -- 5 crore children start playing tennis, 50 lakh learn to play tennis, 5 lakh learn professional tennis, 50,000 come to the circuit, 5000 reach the grand slam, 50 reach Wimbledon, 4 to semi final, 2 to the finals, When I was holding a cup I never asked GOD "Why me?". And today in pain I should not be asking GOD "Why me?"

Arthur Ashe

"Happiness keeps u Sweet, Trials keep u Strong, Sorrow keeps u Human, Failure Keeps u Humble, Success keeps u glowing, but only God Keeps u going..."

Friends, before asking God, "Why me?" please remember this story, never forget how thankful we are to God for giving us such a nice life and all other things we are blessed with.

God Bless You.


What a great story to remember when things get tough. I have experienced the most amazing power of God's peace when I was in my severest trial.

It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I might learn thy statures.

God Bless Everyone...

Nice..motivational story....

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