Chance to meet Sachin Tendulkar – Participate in "Meet The Master" contest

It wouldn't be exaggerating to say millions of people in India have dream of meeting Sachin Tendulkar personally. The country where Sachin is given status of God, people are dying to meet him and here is a chance which will fulfil someone's dream. Kaspersky India has started a contest where user can participate in the contest and stand a chance to meet Sachin. So do you want to meet the God? Check the details below.

To participate in the contest one must purchase any of below 3 products Kaspersky offers:

Once you purchase and get the Activation code of the product go to Registration page and register yourself to enter the contest (latest by 31st May,2012). Winners of the lucky draw will get to meet Sachin Tendulkar and play "a virus-busting game" with him in June. Terms and condition of the contest can be found at .

Best of luck !!!

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