Celebrating 1st anniversary of EscapeWriters.com

1 Year
50 Blog posts
15+ Guest bloggers
500+ website comments
500+ facebook comments
1000+ Facebook page likes
1000+ Instagram followers
1000+ Twitter followers
Reached under 4 lakh in US and under 3 lakhs in India on Alexa ranking.

Arti, a long time online friend whom I haven’t met yet, was curious to write about her parenting experiences and other ideas hitting her mind every now and then.

She had many things to share but didn't know how. I have been telling her since long to start writing blogs and publish it as that was the easiest way to share her thoughts with the world.

She was reluctant at first. But finally it came to fruition when we eventually registered a domain - EscapeWriters.com - and setup a WordPress based platform for her blogs. It was last July. Registering a domain and setting up website was just few hours of work. The real struggle was awaiting.

She started writing on various topics and I helped her with editing. Initially, It was difficult for her to manage altogether - express feelings, brought up new ideas, write effectively, managing grammar, but slowly she addressed it all so nicely. As the blogs started publishing, she even started to learn about how to promote blogs on social media.

I helped with technical things of running site, keep it updated, posting blogs, etc in my spare time and let her dive into promotion part herself. Just gave her basic idea about SEO, SM and she was on her own. With her passion, she started discovering how the bloggers were promoting their blogs and started imitating them. On the way, she learnt many things and still learning.

It was not easy. Even I wasn't expecting that her passion might live for long but she did it. She kept pushing her limits. Even while managing home and taking care of wonderful twin daughters, she spared time for the site and worked on it dedicatedly.

Not just writing own blogs, she came up with ideas of interviewing other bloggers, making collaborative post with inputs from solo travelers, inviting poets to create mother's day post. And with all those great efforts we could reach 50 blogs in a year. That's almost 1 blog per week, which was our initial target.

On completion of 1 year, Arti is sharing the lessons she has learnt in the past year. I am sure it would be helpful to many upcoming bloggers and give some realistic ideas about what to expect and what not to expected while starting blogging. Do read 10 Shocking Things People Don't Tell You About Blogging and Blogger's Life to know more about her journey and experiences she went through.

This is just a beginning and I am sure EscapeWriters.com will reach to new level of success in future. There are many ideas going around and we'll be starting new initiative in future. As videos are rage and becoming mainstream, we are also planning to convert all those blog posts into video to publish on Youtube.

As a silent contributor, I enjoyed the journey of EscapeWriters as much as Arti did. Even I got to learn many things about online marketing and it helped me stay updated on advancements in social media.

With your support, help and well-wishes, we are looking forward to achieve more success with EscapeWriters!

Do provide your feedback for our blogs and website. It will be immensely helpful and highly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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