BlueStacks Graphics Drivers out-of-date error fix

I have been using bluestacks for more than 6 months now. At that time my old iPhone didn't have latest OS and it didn't support new apps. So, to use WhatsApp I thought to give a desktop software try. That's when I found BlueStacks and started using it. I liked the way it handled applications and since then I have been using WhatsApp on BlueStacks.

Currently BlueStacks is running fine but for some unknown reason after a while it starts showing error "Your Graphics Drivers seem to be out-of-date. We recommend you update your drivers for optimal performance. Update now?" Clicking on "Yes" shows that it's updating driver but that process never completes.

So I tried to find solution for this on net and found many solutions to fix this error. Some people have suggested to update drivers but that didn't work for me. Some suggested to make changes in registry editor, it opens up BlueStacks but then it hangs, so didn't work for me. And there are other suggestions too but the one that really worked for me is to roll back graphics driver. It works everytime I do it. If you are facing the same error then you can follow the below instructions and give it a try.

  1. First of all, right click on Computer/My Computer icon and select Properties.
  2. It will open up a window where you can click on Device Manger on left side bar.

  3. In Device Manger window expand "Display adapters", it will show you details about graphics driver.

  4. In my case it is "Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000", right click on it and select Properties. This will open up Graphics Drivers properties window.
  5. In Graphics Driver property window click on second tab Driver.
  6. On this Driver tab click on "Roll Back Driver" button. It will roll back the graphics driver. This process might take few seconds and your screen might go dark for couple of times.

  7. After graphics drivers are rolled back it will show you message that computer needs to be restarted. It's not necessary to restart so you can simply cancel that message.
  8. Try to open up BlueStacks now and it should work!


It does'n't let me roll bacl :(

What error are you getting while trying to roll back the graphics driver?

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