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Deltin Royale casino review - A great experience!

On my first trip to Goa in 2013, I didn't get a chance to experience Casino so I had a plan to visit it on my next trip to Goa which happened in June 2015. I was pretty excited as it was the very first time I was going to visit a casino. There are couple of choices available in Panaji and we decided to give Deltin Royale a go as that is the most famous one and I am glad that it was the perfect decision.

How I recovered my website from Google penalty

There were good old days when searching for "mittalpatel" or "mittal patel" on Google would show up my site on first rank. But gone are days as my laziness refrained me from regular posting and my site lost top rankings.

Moreover, I found that my site was penalized for some reasons and it was not ranking at all for the keywords it was coming up on first page. For keyword "mittalpatel" my site was on first position for many years and suddenly it slipped to last page, 174th position!

Solving puzzle with programming

Today, I stumbled upon an interesting puzzle in whatsapp group. The puzzle goes as below:

100 people standing in a circle in an order 1 to 100.
No. 1 has a sword. He kills next person (i.e. no. 2) and gives sword to next to next (i.e no. 3). All person does the same until only 1 survives. Which number survives at the last?

Someone had already given answer but I thought to confirm it with programming as it could be a nice example of solving puzzle with programming. Before starting to code one must create logic/flow for it. This is how I broke down the puzzle.

'બે યાર' - મસ્ત મજાની ગુજરાતી ફિલ્મ

'બે યાર' નું ટ્રેલર રિલીઝ થયું ત્યારથી જ ફિલ્મ જોવાની ઈચ્છા હતી. અભિષેક જૈનનું 'કેવી રીતે જઈશ' જોયા પછી એમનું બીજું મુવી જોવાની ઉત્સુકતા રહે એ સમજાય એવી વાત છે. 'કેવી રીતે જઈશ'એ ગુજરાતી સિનેમા માટે નવા શિખરો સર કર્યા હતા અને 'બે યાર' નું ટ્રેલર જોયા પછી નક્કી જ થઇ જતું હતું કે આ ફિલ્મ ગુજરાતી સિનેમાને હજી આગળ વધારશે.

આખરે ગયા રવિવારે ફિલ્મ જોવાનું થયું અને સાચે જ ફિલ્મ જોઇને દિલ ખુશ થઇ ગયું. ખુબ જ સરસ મિત્રતાની વાર્તા, બધા જ કલાકારોનો અફલાતુન અભિનય, અદભુત સિનેમેટોગ્રાફી, જોરદાર બેકગ્રાઉન્ડ મ્યુઝીક, કોઈ ફાલતું આઇટમ સોંગ કે રોમાન્ટિક સોંગ નહી, બસ અઢી કલાકનું સંપૂર્ણ મનોરંજન.

Visit to Hathni Mata Waterfall

Last Sunday we visited Hathni Mata Waterfall. It is situated near Jambughoda Sanctuary and Pavagadh, around 75 KMs from Vadodara and 175 KMs from Ahmedabad. Going from Pavagadh, both the roads to reach there, from Shivrajpur and Jambughoda, are very narrow so you can stuck up in traffic jams on weekends when there are many visitors. Though you can enjoy the lush green surroundings on both the sides of roads which makes the drive very enjoyable. On reaching there we found that the place isn't properly developed yet. Local villagers have put up small stalls of refreshments but there is no restaurant around so for food you have to carry it yourself. Getting parking space isn't a problem as paid parking, created in the farms by locals, is available.