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A big thanks to all my connections!!!

Since past few months, I cut down spending time on Facebook+WhatsApp and instead started being more active on LinkedIn. As I was starting a new company - Pragnakalp Techlabs - I knew that I will need very good programmers. Ahmedabad doesn't have very active ecosystem of AI, ML and Python developers yet, so I started connecting with college students and developers involved in AI/ML/Python.

Relishing achievement of small milestones!

This week started with some strong motivation. As visitors of Pragnakalp website were increasing, I kept checking Alexa rank of the site regularly to feel energized and cheerful :) . On Monday morning, when I checked the rank, it was under 150 thousands for the very first time, which made me really very happy!!! It felt like, all the hard work put into creating tutorials, case studies, demos and blog posts have paid off.

Within just few months and with few articles, the site is already getting popular as a good resource for Chatbot Development.

Celebrating 1st anniversary of

1 Year
50 Blog posts
15+ Guest bloggers
500+ website comments
500+ facebook comments
1000+ Facebook page likes
1000+ Instagram followers
1000+ Twitter followers
Reached under 4 lakh in US and under 3 lakhs in India on Alexa ranking.

Arti, a long time online friend whom I haven’t met yet, was curious to write about her parenting experiences and other ideas hitting her mind every now and then.

Unboxing OnePlus 6

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."
- Walt Disney

Trying new things is mostly fun (unless you are trying bizarre whacky, maniac, outlandish stuff). And it has many benefits too. You get to learn something new, expand your thinking horizon and as James Altucher says, it helps exercising your creative muscle.

When I ordered OnePlus 6 on very first day of launch, I had made up mind that I will be creating a proper unbox video of the phone. And I am really happy that I kept the promise made to myself.

Check the video and provide your feedback in the comment please!

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Blockchain Developers Meetup at Ahmedabad

Meeting like-minded people to discuss shared interest is always a great fun. I got to be a part of one such event on last Saturday. To connect with Blockchain enthusiasts of Ahmedabad, a meetup was organized by Rahul and Vishal at Variance Infotech.