Blockchain Developers Meetup at Ahmedabad

Meeting like-minded people to discuss shared interest is always a great fun. I got to be a part of one such event on last Saturday. To connect with Blockchain enthusiasts of Ahmedabad, a meetup was organized by Rahul and Vishal at Variance Infotech.

Discussion about Blockchain development and Markets currently being covered by the technology were the main agendas of the meetup. With more than 20 participants (almost all from programming background) turning up for the event, it looked pretty encouraging from the very beginning.

The event kicked off by Vishal Vora presenting basics of Blockchain giving some fundamental insights about understanding of Blockchain technology. I am sure it provided a good starting point for the beginners.

After that, Varun Lashkari came forward to give more insights about technical intricacies of programming in Blockchain. In comparison of Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric he explained the similarity and differences of both the platforms. Moreover, having hands on experience of development in Ethereum, Varun walked us through practical example of creating a smart contract and executing basic program using Solidity on remix IDE provided by He showed a demonstration of a successful transaction with transaction details like txn_id and txn_hash and contract address registered on the Ropsten Test Network.

It was followed by Vishal Patel who started discussion about current markets of Blockchain. This was the most interactive session of all. He invited to ask questions during the presentation and many attendees put up their queries which lead to healthy discussion about various topics. Even I got to share some of my knowledge with fellow attendees during this session.

After the presentations, we had an another round of interaction about more topics concerning Blockchain development. At the end we concluded the event after networking with each other. All in all, it was very fruitful event and I am sure everyone who attended might have got some learning out of it.

Thanks to Variance Infotech for hosting the meetup and arranging refreshment. Also, efforts of Rahul and Vishal deserve appreciation because of which we got a great chance to network with blockchain enthusiasts. And I am sure more such meetups would be planned in future to keep in touch with Blockchain community members.

Interested Blockchain programmers who are not a member of meetup group can join: to stay updated for future updates. Also, you can join the WhatsApp group created to discuss about Blockchain development and stay connected with fellow developers at:

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