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Mittal Patel LinkedIn

A big thanks to all my connections!!!

Since past few months, I cut down spending time on Facebook+WhatsApp and instead started being more active on LinkedIn. As I was starting a new company - Pragnakalp Techlabs - I knew that I will need very good programmers. Ahmedabad doesn't have very active ecosystem of AI, ML and Python developers yet, so I started connecting with college students and developers involved in AI/ML/Python.

Slowly the network started growing and I kept connecting with more people working in the same field.

Till now, it has paid off hugely. The 2 major benefits I had:
1. I got in touch with many enthusiastic developers and even hired couple of them.
2. Some very interesting connections who share all the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning field are helping me stay updated about advancements in AI/ML very easily.

Isn't that fantastic?

I am looking forward to connect, interact, help and get help from more people. If we are not connected yet, feel free to send request.

Also, I would like to know how you are using LinkedIn to leverage most benefits out of it... Share your experiences/tips/tricks in the comment...

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