About Me

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning Solutions
  • Chatbot Development
  • Python Programming

Using pre-trained models like BERT and GPT-2, we have developed number of applications in NLP which includes:

  • Question & Answering system using BERT in English and 12 other languages
  • Closed-domain chatbot using BERT in English and 12 other languages
  • BERT based Named Entity Recognition (NER) system
  • BIOBERT based Named Entity Recognition (specially designed for medical field)
  • Text Generation using GPT2
  • Domain-specific text generation by fine-tuning GPT2 on custom data
  • Sentiment Analysis using various methods/algorithms like SVM, LSTM, Rule-based and BERT
  • Speech to Text using various services and methods
  • Text summarization using BART, T5, BERT, GPT2 and other methods
  • Question Generation system using T5
  • Emotion Detection on text based and audio based data using T5
  • Movie Recommendation system using BERT
  • NLP based Resume parser using BERT

Demos of some of our work in Natural Language Processing are available at https://demos.pragnakalp.com/ and our blogs on NLP can be found at https://www.pragnakalp.com/category/natural-language-processing/ .